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Kush Lamma Returns with New Single “Chicken or Dinner”

Kush Lamma

Kansas City, Missouri’s own Kush Lamma is back in the game with his latest track, “Chicken or Dinner,” showcasing his undeniable talent and resilience. Produced by fellow Kansas City native Stone’s Neighbor, the groovy single is packed with slick punchlines and a smooth delivery that’ll have listeners hooked from the first verse.

Kush Lamma’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. His promising music career was interrupted by a prison sentence, during which he continued to hone his craft. After nearly a decade behind bars and a challenging parole experience, the talented artist finally completed his sentence in April ’21, and he’s been on a mission to make up for lost time ever since.

“Chicken or Dinner” is the perfect testament to Kush Lamma’s dedication to his art and proof of his ability to create unforgettable vibes. His music is not for the tasteless; it’s a treat for those who appreciate high-quality, well-crafted tunes with a unique urban flair.

As Kush Lamma continues to carve out his place in the music industry, his triumphant return with “Chicken or Dinner” is a powerful reminder that talent and determination can conquer even the most challenging obstacles. So keep your eyes and ears on Kush Lamma as he continues to make waves and deliver unforgettable tracks for music lovers with refined tastes.



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