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Sasha Renee

Sasha Renee Teams Up with Wopsworld in “OTW”

“Gotta bad lil’ shorty where I stay, she gotta wait up for me cause I work all day…” – quote from “OTW” Talented female rapper and songwriter Sasha Renee is out with visuals for “OTW” featuring Wopsworld. The award winning Louisville rapper formerly known by the moniker “Young Pebble” has collaborated with talented artist Wopsworld to give us a track that is centered on the hustle and love. “OTW” which mean “On the Way” talks about all the things artists […]

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Ebabywho Drops “Bad Habits” ft Jody41

“Take advantage, you want it, you gotta go grab it. Shi*, I been putting in work, I got dope habits. Live yo’ life to the fullest cause you can’t go backwards…” – quote from “Bad Habits” East Oakland’s own Ebabywho and South Central LA’s Jody41 team up for a music video to their track “Bad Habits”. FOLLOW EBABYWHO: Instagram Facebook

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Finessed Delivers Fun Vibes in “Badly”

“All the money in the world, I want that shit so badly. Baby you so fun and I want you also badly…” – quote from “Badly” Facetious recording artist Finessed has welcomed the new decade with a new song and visuals that he titles “Badly”. The Bay Area artist who is known for his diversity has jumped on a “Steppin Beats” production to deliver this banging new vibe. “Badly” is a trap banger that tells a story about all the […]

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Tia Carys

Tia Carys “Figure Me Out”

“They ask how many figures, I say figure me out…” – quote from “Figure Me Out” UK hip hop artist Tia Carys is starting the New Year with a new challenge in “Figure Me Out”. The artist is following up her widely acclaimed 2019 song “English & Ghana” with this charged and energetic track. “Figure Me Out” is a statement track that boasts of heady beats, skippy instrumental, atenteben flute and a whole dose of sassiness. Tia drops a fast […]

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J-Ice Drops New Single “Resume”

“I’m the shi* and it’s natural. How you gone see me with a telescope. Imma hit it nonstop then I have to go…” – quote from “Resume” Denver rapper J-Ice drops his hot singe titled “Resume”. The song, produced under the stables of The HAC Squad, talks about everything that makes J-Ice the cool guy next door. From his exquisite style of rapping to his dressing – his chains, his wrist, and his entire “Resume”. J-Ice, on this track aims […]

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Stevie Newby

$tevie Newby Releases New Song “Calendar”

“She don’t give a f*** if it’s a Uber or a taxi, she gone come and bust for a youngin, get nasty…” – quote from “Calendar” $tevie Newby is a boiling pot of many talents! From making beats, to studio engineering, song writing, great vocal performance and lyrical dexterity, he has everything it takes to take the music industry by storm. On this new song “Calendar”, $tevie Newby once again proves that he is the next big thing in the […]

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Mass of Man

Mass of Man “Fallen Angel” ft Mack Harrison

“Hi depression, how you been? It’s been a long time, we meet again. I’ve been good, the f*** you been up to though? Lately you look like you’re unstoppable…” – quote from “Fallen Angel” Fast-rising musical act Mass of Man is best-known for his physique and for being vocal on societal issues, using his music as a tool of public appeal. Towering as high as seven feet and weighing five hundred and fifty pounds, Mass of Man has crafted his […]

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Fosho Releases New Single “HUNDRED MORE”

“Hundred more licks and it don’t even matter. I need my baby to spend all this cheddar. Pocket full with rocket rocking ‘em to sleep. Pocket full of bands I pop ‘em on her cheek…” – quote from “HUNDRED MORE” California artist and producer Fosho releases new single “HUNDRED MORE”. Check it out and leave a comment below. FOLLOW FOSHO: Instagram Twitter Facebook SoundCloud

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