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Audrie Powell Finds Her Voice with New Single “Herself”

Audrie Powell

Born to a nomadic mother, Audrie Powell’s life has been anything but ordinary. From her early days by the oceans of Hawaii and the Bahamas to her upbringing on the west coast of Portland, Powell’s journey has been marked by adventure and a love for music.

Now, the talented singer-songwriter is capturing hearts with her new song “Herself,” a testament to her nomadic roots and relentless pursuit of her dreams. Powell set off to travel the world at a young age, visiting nine countries and soaking up cultural experiences while honing her unique sound and style.

Audrie’s 2020 debut single, “Ring,” showcased her artistic inspirations, with nods to Sza and Summer Walker. But her latest release, “Herself,” embodies her spirit of exploration, self-discovery, and passion for connecting with people across the globe.

As Powell continues to make waves in the music industry, her ever-evolving sound and relentless drive promise an exciting future for this nomadic soul. With “Herself,” Audrie Powell shares her music with people of all ages and countries and invites us all to join her on a journey of self-discovery and boundless creativity.



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