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Taija New Reveals an Upbeat Anthem “IDKNO”

Taija New

Taija New, also known as the Newbian King, is a rising star in the music industry who has made a name for herself with her unique sound and infectious energy. Her latest release, “IDKNO,” is a song that speaks to the importance of surrounding oneself with positive, supportive people while cutting out negativity and toxicity.

The track is a catchy, upbeat anthem that encourages listeners to be selective with who they allow into their lives, ensuring that only those who bring positivity and motivation are welcomed into their inner circle. Taija’s lyrics are relatable and empowering, and her delivery is confident and playful, making “IDKNO” a perfect addition to any party playlist.

Taija’s journey to success has been long and hard-fought, beginning in her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, where she honed her skills through open mic performances. Her talent quickly gained the attention of regional show directors, leading to a string of successful live shows across North America.

With her latest single, “Couture,” Taija is taking her sound in a new direction, paying homage to the 90s Hip-Hop era and the mixtape culture. Her upcoming fourth project and third tour promise to be even more electrifying as Taija continues to bring her unique blend of Rhythmic Pop to audiences across the globe.

In a music industry that can often be filled with negativity and drama, Taija New stands out as a beacon of positivity and self-love. Her message of surrounding oneself with positive, go-getter energy resonates with fans of all ages and backgrounds, making her one of the most exciting and inspiring artists in the game today.



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