Category: Conscious Hip Hop

Lupe Fiasco
August 1, 2020

Lupe Fiasco Releases New Single “Dinosaurs”

“Then Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the smartest of the smartest, but you wouldn’t wanna box with the short-armed carnivorous martial artist…” – quote from “Dinosaurs”...

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Arsonal Da Rebel
July 31, 2020

Arsonal Da Rebel “Product Of My Environment”

“A tax paying citizen, they label me a demon cause I got hair like my ancestors and living what I’m dreaming…” – quote from...

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Ann G
July 22, 2020

Ann G Goes All Natural in “Make Me Miss You”

“I know you gotta go and I hate it in my soul, but I love it when you do what, love it when you...

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Mike G
June 7, 2020

Mike G “Overdrive” ft Gamo & Ash Riser

“Make more of yourself than you can make money, I’m qbert on the block, I stay jumpin’, that’s bass like when 808s come in…”...

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May 15, 2020

MarKaus Releases Super Combo of Whiskey and Album

“Praying that I live to be much older than this recipe, they expected much less from me…” – quote from White Rye Des Moines,...

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Focus The Truth
May 11, 2020

Focus The Truth Drops “Days of Our Lives”

“Gotta place your hand out, but not accepting handouts. I rather take the man route, can’t sit down when you stand out…” – quote...

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