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Mak – M’s

Stream: artist Mak released a brand new visual for his latest single titled “M’s”. The rapper whose love for music began at a young age has been busy in the studio for several weeks working with new producers to create his latest mind-blowing tracks.  For this video, Mak teamed up with Whodashoota, a Denver based videographer, to create some eye-catching visuals. Just to spice it up with a few moves he brought in Denver based dancer and choreographer K_lou. Mak, also […]

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September 21, 2019

DanielFromSalem Brings a Whole New Feeling with His New Act “So Loco”

“I feel like shi*, But I’m never gonna quit, I feel like a loser, But I’m never gonna quit…” – quote from “So Loco”...

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September 20, 2019

Ziearre Is Overflowing with Charisma in “Ain’t Even Gon’ Hold U” featuring Ruslan

“Start dripping like a faucet….. Got too much sauce I think I lost it…. Got too much sauce I ain’t even gonna hold you…”...

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September 19, 2019

SVRITE Releases Debut Single “Finesse”

“They gon bring me down until I rot, until I’m breathless. My fam gon hold it down so I always stay connected. I always...

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Tamara Bubble
September 18, 2019

Tamara Bubble Delivers New Breakup Anthem “Forgot Your Name”

“Way too good, way too good for you… you need me, I’ve been there and done that…” – quote from “Forgot Your Name” STREAM:...

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Myles Castello
September 17, 2019

Myles Castello Gets Deep and Emotional with “Fade Away”

“Felt some way, loose ends I’ve been trying to tie up. Feeling like I died, wish you never lied…” – quote from “Fade Away”​...

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Tanner Howe
September 16, 2019

“Hurts Like Heaven” by Tanner Howe

“Hurts like heaven every time you come around, every time you shoot me down, falling so hard I go straight through the ground…” –...

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DJ Zenas
September 15, 2019

“OBJ” by DJ Zenas

“Why they hating on me, that shi* getting boring, sleeping on me snoring, OBJ I’m scoring…” – quote from “OBJ” STREAM: When you’re...

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Jefe Replay
September 14, 2019

Jefe Replay Opens Up New Album with “A Different Road”

“I’m just out here taking trips, shi* I never seen before…had to take a different road…” – quote from “A Different Road” STREAM: When...

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September 13, 2019

Artistnameleon Make Waves with “GO”

“Still going numb and it’s midnight, party ain’t a party less we get right…go, go, freeze, go, up, down, fast, slow…” – quote from...

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September 12, 2019

Hayz Drops a New Banger “DURO”

“Lately I been thinking, girl what I’ll do for the sensation, all what she do for the Ben Franklins, I keep it comin’…” –...

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Juliet July
September 9, 2019

Juliet July Tells of Love and Dreams in “Sunday Afternoon” Video

“You are like the Sunday afternoon, aglow, so free of rules. Forgetting all about the Monday blues, singing away all the sorrows…” – quote...

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Nao Yoshioka
September 8, 2019

Nao Yoshioka Paints a Picture of Gray Areas with “Got Me”

“Got me feeling so crazy right now, I don’t even understand it…I’m feeling so lost, got me so addicted to ya…” – quote from...

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Eddy Calvert
September 7, 2019

Eddy Calvert Keeps It On Love and Relationship with New Release “Brand New”

“I had to get you on a whole different angle. If my exes call my phone, then they’ll get canceled. To make you mine,...

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September 6, 2019

Illanoiz Drops New Single and Video “Trust”

“I don’t know who to trust, I would’ve taken one for you I put that on gang. At first it was two of us,...

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Noah Slee
September 5, 2019

Noah Slee Releases New Track “Still”

“How could I be thinking about you still, you got that kind of love that’s hard to kill, you build me up and tear...

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September 4, 2019

Neaks Takes Fans on a Journey as he Features Kye Hefner in New Single “Fallen”

“Do you got what it takes? Can you wear the hat bro? Sold shirts on the street just to eat, we was mad broke…”...

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4x4 Amox Sava Bks
September 3, 2019

New Music by Amok featuring Sava Bks “4×4”

“And I dress myself all white just like the Pope, only high-class with the G-Class 4×4…” – quote from “4×4” STREAM: Amok in...

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September 3, 2019

PHFAT Features Patty Monroe in Latest Track “Get Some”

“What you want, what you need, you can get some. Take it slow, we can go till you get done…” – quote from “Get...

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September 2, 2019

Broughton Releases New Single “Miss Me”

“If I die tomorrow would you miss me, would you wish that you could kiss me one last time, cherish moments from a past...

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Saul Rivers
September 2, 2019

Saul Rivers Tugs at the Heartstrings with “Waves”

“I sit down and try to right my mind, but this time I’m throwing it away. I just wanna feel for the first time...

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September 1, 2019

Hunnid Features Streetz in Banging New Single “Lonely At The Top”

“This the lean road, couldn’t walk a mile, put yo feet in those, hand up like bleeding nose, 30 in the clip, you get...

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Rosco P Flxn
August 31, 2019

Rosco P Returns with New Track “FLXN” Produced by DeeJay Shyne

“Been on fire for a minute, I been grinding independent, know them labels coming with it…” – quote from “FLXN” STREAM: It’s all...

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August 30, 2019

Finessed Has Something for His Haters in Newest Release “Want Me Dead”

“They like Finessed, that boy is blessed…b*** I’m still here, they want me dead…” – quote from “Want Me Dead” STREAM: Bay Area...

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August 29, 2019

Grice Drops Highly-Anticipated New Song “In The Air”

“Yeah, hating cause I’m self-made, so much game the commentator say it’s well played…” – quote from “In The Air” STREAM: Hip-hop artist...

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Micki Ronnae
August 28, 2019

Micki Ronnae Drops New Age Music Video “Cream”

“I swear to God, I’m too much for TV, I’m in and out them n** hardly see me…” – quote from “Cream” STREAM:

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August 27, 2019

Nisha Unveils Single “Figures”

“All you care about is figures, money figures, body figures, trynna figure who’s is bigger…” – quote from “Figures” Singer and songwriter, Nisha has...

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Ay Wing
August 24, 2019

Ay Wing Says Goodbye to the Summer with “Orange Dreamer”

“Nothing ever stays the same, seasons changing, storms stopped raging…” – quote from “Orange Dreamer” Berlin based musician, songwriter, and producer Ay Wing’s latest...

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August 23, 2019

Lil Ruff House Is Kodak Moves the Crowd with “John Deer”

“We just let the rats get caught up in the trap, then the squad come through and we snatch up all the cheese…” –...

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Riva Le'Rose
August 22, 2019

Riva Le’Rose Wows Fans with “Wine for Me”

“Baby cross my heart, hope to take a stand tonight, let’s make love to the moon and back all night…” – quote from “Wine...

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Major D-Star
August 19, 2019

Major D-Star Drops “Nothin To Do Wit Dat”

“Stay out the way, in my own space. I’ll never settle, I was made to be great…” – quote from “Stack Pray & Stay Out...

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Pee Supreme
August 18, 2019

Pee Supreme Returns with “Ready”

“Thing about me, I’m ready, on the front line, I’m ready, born ready for whatever coming, I’m ready…” – quote from “I’m Ready” Fast...

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August 16, 2019

B.Wize “Introduction of a Wize Man”

“What’s your pain, what’s your strain? Say you searching for some pleasure. What’s your aim, is it pointed at some peace?” – quote from...

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MoneyBoy Ice
August 15, 2019

MoneyBoy Ice Drops New Single “I’m Drunk”

“Drinking some Henny and pouring Barcardi. I needed a Uber but went on Safari. I stepped on his shoes and didn’t say sorry…” –...

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August 9, 2019

Kansas City Rapper Clarke “Did It Again”

“Tryna jump out a Benz yeah, with some Cartier lens yeah, having money to spend yeah, I just did it again…” – quote from...

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July 19, 2019

Champloo Sloppy

“Been through hell, burned by the flames, but I made it back…” – quote from “Pretty Heartless” Fast rising rap sensation Champloo Sloppy dropped...

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June 26, 2019

SirDevon Drops “Energy”

“Thought you should know, I’m the next to blow, I rep that K.O…” – quote from “Energy” Denver born and based artist SirDevon is...

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Tana Ten Birdz
June 19, 2019

Tana Ten Birdz Releases “Trap Caviar”

“Put faith inside my hustle, so we ain’t gotta struggle…​” – quote from “Trap Caviar” Denver based hip-hop artist Tana Ten Birdz is at...

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June 18, 2019

Tain Releases “On Track”

“Spread my wings, watch how I live out these dreams…” – quote from “On Track” Denver-based artist Tain has dropped yet another hit song...

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Rado & Lowkey
May 31, 2019

Dynamic Duo Rado & Lowkey

“Before I die broke, I’mma ball while I’m living…” – quote from “Money Bagz” Rado & Lowkey is a rap duo from Aurora, Colorado...

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May 29, 2019

Yeshua Releases New Holy Trap Project “His Eyes Were On God”

“All them burdens they just getting heavier, and you just trying to carrying them underground like you’re Harriet…” – quote from “Chapter III (Love...

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Flyte Corleon
May 27, 2019

Flyte Corleone Releases New Visual for “Election Day”

“At the White House feeling like I’m Ronald Reagan…” – quote from “Election Day” Kansas City artist Flyte Corleone makes a statement as he...

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Calvin Terel
May 26, 2019

Calvin Terel’s New Album “Stroketown 2” Setting the Streets on Fire

“Here I am with another smash, I have passed all these undergrads…” – quote from “800” Denver native, Calvin Terel just released “Strokedown 2”...

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Hood Nizzle-Power
May 22, 2019

Hood Nizzle – Power

Anticipation is high as Hood Nizzle is about to drop a new album titled “POWER” in June. Hood Nizzle from Wyandotte, Kansas is known...

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May 17, 2019

Mak – M’s

Stream: artist Mak released a brand new visual for his latest single titled “M’s”. The rapper whose love for music began at a...

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May 11, 2019

2Times – All I Rap About

2Times is one of the hottest young talents out of Kansas City. Influenced heavily by his cousin King Keys at a young age, 2Times...

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Shaun John
April 27, 2019

Shaun John – Blue Face

As an artist who grew up under the struggles, Shaun John understands the importance of quality living. Something he termed “basis of essential being”,...

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Succeed Phlguy
April 26, 2019

Succeed Phlguy

Succeed Phlguy is a fast-rising musical act who was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Growing up in a Christian family, Succeed always attended church,...

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Rizz Illuminated
April 24, 2019

Rizz Illuminated – Vent

Fast-rising musical act, Rizz Illuminated has dropped a video for his new track “Vent.” The upcoming rapper, in his true lyricist pattern, uses this...

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March 29, 2019

Ovadose913 – Suppose To

Kansas City, Kansas based artist Ovadose913 has cleared his intentions through his latest track Suppose To. All of his work revolve around breaking the...

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Etho Escobar PTSD
March 28, 2019

Etho – P.T.S.D.

No stopping Kansas City’s Suge White, better known as Etho Escobar as he drops another bombshell called PTSD, an album with 13 bangers hosted...

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