Miss Amie West

Denver, CO

“Hustle beats talent when talent don't hustle!”

I’ve loved the modeling industry my whole life! Growing up I was super shy and a little bit self-conscious, so I didn’t get started till I was 24. That’s when I did my first shoot and runway show. Growing up, there were two things that inspired me to model – one was watching Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model! Tyra broke so many barriers and definitely made me believe it was possible for me! And Two was my foster mom. She would always tell me “I got it”. She definitely believes I could go far! Since I’ve started modeling I have walked in multiple fashions shows and I’ve done countless photoshoots. I’ve also starred in multiple music videos! Some local and some big-names as well such as (Calboy and Dj Luke Nasty). And I’ve been published in 3 magazines since last year. Being a model has become part of my identity!

- Miss Amie West



Zodiac Sign



Mother of 4, Published Model, Video Vixen, & Business Owner

PHOTO CREDIT: @j_alexphotos

How did you get started modeling?

I actually had multiple photographers contact me because they loved my look. So one day I scheduled my first shoot. And I’ve been going ever since!


Miss Amie West graced GRID Magazine's cameras with her charming allure.


What’s your beauty regimen like? Any secrets?

Any secrets? I am a licensed Esthetician! So I’m big on skin care! Facials are a must! And with my hair being curly I try to do a protein mask once a weak to keep my curls flowing!

Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?

Yes, but it’s usually only when working with new photographers though! Once we are all acquainted the shyness usually fades!

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