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Kush Lamma

Kush Lamma Go Solo in “Anti”

“They like Kush why do you disappear then reappear, keep pushing till I land where they can’t see up here, can’t see up here…” – quote from “Anti” Kansas City, Missouri artist recently revealed his new single titled “Anti,” off his upcoming project “IMMOD.” Kush delivers witty lyrics on top of a smooth player beat which was produced by Big Dubb. The visual, shot by Black Palms, shows Kush Lamma solo in his anti mode rapping about setting new standards […]

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Flyte Corleone

Flyte Corleone Drops New Project “What’s Poppin Kermit”

“All that trickin against my religion, can’t let her do me like Scottie Pippin…” – quote from “Holy Water” Kansas City artist Flyte Corleone releases his latest body of work, “What’s Poppin Kermit.” The 8 track album fully displays his unique style and personality that only he can bring to the game. FLYTE CORLEONE “ELECTION DAY” Flyte Corleone wrote and recorded this album all within 8 days, giving us an example of how effortlessly he can create masterpieces. Check out […]

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Rico Freeman

Rico Freeman “Cash Out” ft Brandoshis

“I went and cop me a business then cop me a whip, flossy, I’m all on my trip…” – quote from “Cash Out” Kansas City music artist and comedian Rico Freeman reveals a track from his new album titled “Cash Out” featuring Brandoshis. Rico is widely known for his storytelling-conscious rap style displayed in videos seen by hundreds of viewers. He also directs short comedy skits. Rico has overcome countless obstacles on the way up and continues to hustle every […]

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“Burn The Boats” Whiskey Now Available for Shipping in 44 States!

Last year, Iowa-based rapper MarKaus released a joint album and whiskey combo he calls “Burn The Boats.” The whiskey first hit the shelves in Iowa. Now MarKaus has this exotic brand of whiskey available for direct shipping in 44 states! Order now and receive the exclusive one of a kind product within days, delivered to your front door! PLACE AN ORDER NOW According to MarKaus, the whiskey’s launching was inspired by the story of Carroll County and Templeton towns of […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don Features Brandoshis in “2 Young”

“Is it money baby or do you love me? Went and got the Da Don tatted on both a** cheeks…” – quote from “2 Young” Fast-rising Kansas City, Kansas rapper Dewey Da Don has just dropped a new song titled “2 Young” to set the mood for the season. This track, which features Brandoshis of the Infamous Drone Boys of Atlanta, is off his new studio album “Big Blood”. Dewey has shown that his kind of socially-conscious music is what […]

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Valencia Releases Upbeat, Funky Tune “Amen”

“I’m not the one that you play with, I’m catching feelings, you made this…” – quote from “Amen” Kansas City, Kansas-born singer/songwriter, and creative artist, Valencia, just released an upbeat track titled “Amen”. “Amen” is a funk, R&B tune. The song is about love – the struggles and uncertainties of it, the desperation, and all other emotions involved with being in love. The tone is catchy, relatable, and an overall feel good experience. Valencia speaks about the story behind “Amen”: […]

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Ty Gutter

Ty Gutter Releases New Song Titled “NFOFP”

“I need it all, not a portion or some of it, these dirty bi*ches, they pu**y, they selling it, I need my money, my cheese, and my celery…” – quote from “NFOFP” The new song “NFOFP” (Never Fall Off For Pu**y) by Ty Gutter delivers a sensational message about how he likes to live his life. It’s a simple story told in extraordinary fashion. In this song, the popular rap hip/hop artist talks about pursuing whatever your greatness may be […]

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Ms.Erikka Drops new Song “Shots Fired”

“So unapologetic, yeah I said, don’t regret it…” Kansas City, Missouri artist Ms.Erikka is dishing out the “rules of the game” to all the fakies around her. Best known for her hardcore explicit lyrics, Ms.Erikka, doesn’t sweat it as she goes hard and wide in her latest track. The talented artist, who calls her style of music “unapologetic” has been singing for as long as she could remember. Her fiery blend of soul and R&B never fails to hit the […]

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2 Times

2 Times Hits the Airwaves with “Ain’t Livin Right”

“Like Popeye fu*ked up my order, I’m gettin’ his chicken right…” – quote from “Ain’t Livin Right” The list of young, notable music talents in Kansas City would not be complete if 2 Times is not included in it. The young rapper is super-talented and knows how to take rap to a whole new level. Through the influence of his cousin, Kings Keys, 2 Times began expressing his passion for rap at quite a tender age. He further dedicated extra […]

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Rizz Illuminated

Rizz Illuminated Releases His Latest Hit Song “The Rain”

“As I roll through my city yeah, there’s kids dying. As I roll through my city yeah, there’s mamas crying. As I roll through this city yeah, there’s people trying…” – quote from “The Rain” Spawn directly from greatness Kansas City, Kansas artist Rizz Illuminated aspired to achieve as much and even more than his father. Rizz’s father, popularly known as Vigalantee owns Phatahdat Records, TRUTH Apparel, and a KCKCC-based program known as F.B.O.E. which means Rizz’s pedigree is definitely […]

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