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MarKaus Releases Super Combo of Whiskey and Album

“Praying that I live to be much older than this recipe, they expected much less from me…” – quote from White Rye Des Moines, Iowa hip hop artist MarKaus is at it again. He’s just released a combo of his “Burn The Boats” album and “Ziyad” whiskey, which will be hitting Kansas City shelves this summer. He owns Media Fresh Record Label and the Ziyad Rye brand from whence he produces his music and whiskey respectively. https://youtu.be/l4MP-ROSXSY Contrary to what […]

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Mizznekol and DJ Sleepybeatz

Mizznekol Drops Latest Hit “Rooftops” ft DJ Sleepybeatz

“My whole squad keep winning, we gone say what we feel, solid team we gone build, soldiers out in the field…” – quote from “Rooftops” Mizznekol is a Kansas City based emcee whose efforts and hard work have got things going the music way in her city. Through her self-owned and self-managed music label The Grind is Real Entertainment, she has been able to pave the way for up and coming Missouri artists. Establishing the label in 2014, and being […]

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Jesse Pringle

The Outlaw Jesse Pringle Drops Latest Hit “She Good”

“She’ll have you waking up in the morning, and have you clocking out every time that she call. Damn she gonna tear me down, but damn she looking good right now…” – quote from “She Good” Photo Credit: David Bram As his name suggests, The Outlaw Jesse Pringle has proven to be an outlaw when it comes to R&B. His songs have always stood out among others in the industry. Being a SAG/Aftra actor and a successful screenwriter, Jesse consistently […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don is back with “What it Feel Like”

“I’m back up on my bullshi*, my foot is in they a** and I would of shot the man, but my hand was in my bag…” – quote from “What it Feel Like” Kansas City, Kansas hip hop artist Dewey Da Don is back at it again with another slap called “What it Feel Like”. In this one he displays versatility with a melodic chorus and a smooth flow throughout the verses. The visual depicts Dewey’s younger self and obstacles […]

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Jordan Baumstark

Jordan Baumstark Drops Visual for “Too Long”

“I ain’t never comin’ back, I’m gone, been waiting on the shi* too long…” – quote from “Too Long” Jordan Baumstark recently dropped “Too Long”. In this nice track, Jordan focuses more on the delivery of his lyrics and the meaning of the song. The calm demeanor is balanced out with an interesting beat. The song is about how Jordan has come a long way and the effort it took – too much to go back to square one. Video shot […]

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Solizo Releases New Song “We Are Not the Same”

“Middle of the summer, ice got me kinda chilly. Really? Sweet woods, no Philly…” – quote from “We Are Not the Same” Photo Credit: FiveOne Vision Studio While some venture into the music industry for the cash and fame, others choose the melodious path for the influence and changes they want to input in their communities. This is the case of Solizo, an enthusiastic upcoming rapper from Kansas City who is passionate about seeing life radiate throughout his community. https://youtu.be/M-w7zlAi-fE […]

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CWG Drops New Video “daGOAT”

“You calling me daddy, you probably related…” – quote from “daGOAT” Kansas City born and bred music artist CWG believed in himself and his music talents when very few others did, and was ready to give all he had to make headway in the music industry. https://youtu.be/yteAiZLw6OU Owing to his root and upbringing, no one would have thought CWG would have as many as two people give audience to his songs. Nevertheless, he scaled through whatever limitations that confronted him. […]

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Nelson EL

Nelson EL and New Track “New Era of Time”

“A mastermind, take you up on a climb, you know the science, see the symbols and signs…”  – quote from “New Era of Time” Nelson El is a Kansas born and bred music artist talented in rapping, song writing and motivational speaking. Having witnessed a major transition between two distinct generations, Nelson El also functions as an activist, philosopher, humanitarian, and revolutionary. https://youtu.be/ixWzFoSXlng As a teenager, Nelson EL was well on his way to finding answers to the numerous questions […]

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Poppa Willo

Poppa Willo “Zoomin” ft Brandoshis

“I’m in the hood trying to get the whole ghetto rich…” – quote from “Zoomin” Poppa Willo who’s become a staple in the Kansas City music scene drops his latest smash “Zoomin”. Driven by a deep love for music and a desire to bring recognition to the KC music scene Poppa Willo has been an inspiration to many. In elementary school Willo was a singer who, over time grew closer to the rap game as the street’s influence got stronger. […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “Cash App” ft Novacain

“Wrecking shit like a crash dummy. B*** you’ll never get the last from me. I’m pulling up, look just to fuck and a bitch will still give me gas money…” – quote from “Cash App” Kansas City artist Dewey Da Don is back again to get our attention and fill our cravings for a raw vibe. Fans are always treated with a west coast vibe coupled with a midwestern flow. Safe to say “Cash App” is indeed a breath of […]

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