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Ekelle’s “Flo” Breaks Boundaries with Hood Pop Style


Toronto’s own Ekelle is making waves in the music industry with her unapologetic new anthem, “Flo.” Combining elements of money, sex, drama, and identity, Ekelle creates a unique “Hood Pop” style that merges popular music with an authentic street edge. As an RBC Launchpad Music Entrepreneurship Program artist, Ekelle is guided by her instincts and passion for music, pop culture, and fashion.

“Flo” has been dubbed the latest “bad bitch anthem” by Ekelle, reflecting her preferred song style and embracing the increasing acceptance of female rappers in the Canadian music scene. No longer confined to a box, female artists like Ekelle can now flourish independently and showcase their diverse range of talents.

This sexy, bold track is perfect for a night out, exuding confidence and unapologetic self-expression. As Ekelle continues to break boundaries with her innovative “Hood Pop” style, she’s contributing to the changing landscape of the music industry, one track at a time. Keep an eye on this Canadian rap artist as she continues to make a name for herself and inspire a new generation of female rappers to embrace their authenticity and power.



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