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Boslen Releases Banging New Track “LIGHTSPEED”

“Light speed, double up, flippin’, these women entice, me cover up itchin’, some ni**as wanna fight me, run it up step in, I’m moving at high speed…” – quote from “LIGHTSPEED” Energetic hip hop Canadian artist Boslen is rapidly making name for himself in the music world, with a fast growing fan base; owing a lot to his abilities as a talented artist. The young talent who is already a role model to others, has a way of captivating fans […]

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Henny Lucas

Henny Lucas Drops New Song “Wrong Way”

“I think we headed down the wrong way…” – quote from “Wrong Way” These days, it is not uncommon to find music artists relating their lofty life experiences or regrets in the lyrics and beats of their songs. This undoubtedly  is the case of Henny Lucas, a musician and rapper with origins from Canada. Having grown in an environment where violence and drug abuse were the order of the day, Henny’s life seemingly suffered the same problems. Lucas happens to […]

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LolaBunz Releases “Shiesty”

“Ain’t no first and second bases, you get one strike. Keep them squares up out my circle, keep my shi* tight…” – quote from “Shiesty” LolaBunz, rapper from Toronto, is giving it hot to the music industry. Her new release “Shiesty” is like a wakeup call. She’s been on different projects and is a true definition of versatility both in her field and beyond. You can refer to her as a hip-hop artist, a spoken word artist, an entrepreneur or […]

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SHADNR Drops New Single“925 Freestyle”

“I got the energy, I got the recipe, get on my level now…” – quote from “925 Freestyle” Who wouldn’t love a music artist who’s a pro at combining several flows throughout his jam, but never deviates from the life of his beat? This is how Canadian artist SHADNR blows your mind! His beats are miraculously exceptional and can get you high in love with his crystal clear vocals. He’s never had reasons to conceal his voice in the pool […]

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Alsndra Releases Visuals for “V!BR8T0R”

“Said you wanna be my vibrator, said you wanna push the button on my detonator. I been down on this shi* like an escalator…” – quote from “V!BR8T0R” After enjoying massive success with her hit single “Blue Dream”, upcoming sensational music act Alsndra has returned with another track “V!BR8T0R”. This song comes timely as Valentine is around the corner, and the whole world is in the mood for love, steamy-hot sexual pleasure, and all-round fun. The fast-rising singer and songwriter […]

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Jay Whiss

Jay Whiss Delivers Flavor in “Valet” ft Puffy L’z

“Thinking about all the problems when the cash came. Got me thinking bout these girls that want my last name, got em dancing like the diamonds on my damn chain…” – quote from “Valet” Fast rising Toronto artist, Jay Whiss has released a banging single from his largely anticipated debut album set to be released in 2020. The artist who had taken a break of the music scene since he released his EP in June is back like he never […]

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Lvl One Hero

Lvl One Hero Releases Video “Friend Zone”

“My wrist drip drop, that’s a new time piece. Don’t do flip flops. These some new Nikes, all my kicks hot…” – quote from “Friend Zone” Lvl One Hero is taking a jab at people stuck in the friend zone with his latest track he titles “Friend Zone”. Toronto based Jamaican singer, rapper and songwriter Lvl One Hero is out to taunt some guys who cannot seem to get the ladies they want but instead get relegated to the “Friend […]

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Rochester Raps About Chasing Passion in his Latest Release “Big Dreams”

“I walked thru hell like Dante, dance with the devil I’m haunted. Couldn’t stand up now I’m stomping. Paid my dues and made a profit. I’ve been thru all of the pain, this game ain’t nothing to me. I ain’t had nowhere to sleep, still kept it moving cause I got big dreams…” – quote from “Big Dreams” Toronto hip hop artist and lyricist Rochester is back with a bang and this one is full of motivation and positivity. The […]

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Charlie Noiir

Charlie Noiir Introduces “Very Scary”

“Why you hate on me? That won’t help. I’m who you want to be. Be ya self, it’s not Halloween…” -quote from “Very Scary” Charlie Noiir introduces “Very Scary” a new smash hit motivated by his desire to let people know about the energy he’s bringing to the table. Charlie by nature is just a walking party, full of life and charismatic both in and outside of the studio. “Very Scary” from the debut album is accompanied by a visual […]

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Dao Kahn

Dao Kahn aka Trap Ninja Releases His Newest Single “Made Men”

“Ain’t tryna live like a bit** with no grip on my cake. Might catch a lick for a hundred thousand dollars today…” STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/daokahn/made-men-dao-kahn-prod-sher/s-k0CBp Vietnamese Canadian hip-hop artist Dao Kahn aka “Trap Ninja” releases his newest single “Made Men”. With a sound that’s quickly bringing eastern and western culture together Kahn expresses the feelings of a man willing to do anything to thrive when circumstances have your life in turmoil. Born in Brampton, Ontario Canada to Vietnamese parents still trying […]

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