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Mandia Drops Love Song “Diamonds”

“You took me by surprise, should’ve known the danger of your hazel eyes…” – quote from “Diamonds” Toronto, Canada singer, Mandia, releases her new single “Diamonds.” This catchy Pop/R&B song is inspired by a heartbreak that ended up turning into a honeymoon. Sometimes patience proves that you can turn a rock into a diamond. Mandia grew up singing and dancing across festival stages in Ontario since the age of 8 years old. She perfected her vocals and spent years studying […]

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New Year

New Year and Irack Drops Music Video for “Die Young”

“And if you gone ride, tell ‘em slide through. You got my back, I got yo’ back cause you got mine too…” – quote from “Die Young” Young Canadian artist New Year releases his latest music video, “Die Young,” with Irack. “Die Young” is an emotional R&B hip-hop track that reveals the ugly side of life on Toronto’s streets. The city of Toronto, Canada, is a beautiful one, but it has its own ugliness and evil like every other place […]

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Justine Tyrell

Justine Tyrell Drops Love Song “My Name”

“Cut to the old news and let’s do what we do best, best. Stuck on repeat, in reverse, better than the rest, rest…” – quote from “My Name” Canadian-born songstress, Justine Tyrell, packs soulful vocals and a catchy hook in her new song titled “My Name.” In “My Name, ” Justine delivers lots of layers and harmonies to give the soundscape more depth and feeling. With a sultry, confident attitude, she talks about the magnetic, hypnotic chemistry with another. The […]

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Q-Benjamin Releases Island Vibe “New Ting”

Canadian singer, songwriter, and rap artist Q-Benjamin releases her first track titled “New Ting” with an island vibe and a hint of R&B and rap inflections. “New Ting” is a track from her upcoming EP that’s set to drop in March. This year she plans to give her fans a full picture of what her life is like.  Q-Benjamin is a singer who grew up listening to dancehall/reggae music, R&B, and hip hop. She desires to stay true to the […]

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Swiss OG

Swiss OG Releases “Only High Grade” ft Fire Chess

“Fire Chess, we only smoking on the sensi on the highway, put your lighters up…” – quote from “Only High Grade” Swiss OG releases a new music video, “Only High Grade,” featuring Fire Chess. Produced by Jeff McCulloch, “Only High Grade” is a groovy reggae hip-hop song that extols the joy of the weed herb. In Swiss OG’s words, “This one for all my weed smokers.” The song projects a lot of positive vibes. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Swiss OG […]

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TNT Ladiies

TNT Ladiies Drops Sizzling Hot Single “All Smoke”

“Where my bad bi*ches at, tell that n*** betta run up them racks…” – quote from “All Smoke” The Toronto-based female duo, TNT Ladiies drops a sizzling hot single, “All Smoke”. Another banging production from Smokeshop Music, “All Smoke” is a hit with the TNT Ladiies spitting bars hotter than a dragon spits fire! This single is one off of their upcoming album, “Pay to Play”. The audience can hear and feel the passion, energy, and larger-than-life vibe that the […]

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s Fans Go Crazy Over His Latest “Face”

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone Toronto superstar, The Weeknd, sparked concerns when he showed up to the American Music Awards last November with bandages wrapped around his head. Turns out that it was a stunt to emphasize the short films he made for singles “Blinding Lights” and “After Hours,” which illustrated the dangers of drunk driving. Yesterday, fans thought he’d undergone plastic surgery when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram with a swollen face. The post received several comments […]

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Lavi$h Drops New Single “I Got It”

“She don’t wanna be no regular, for money she gone set you up…” – quote from “I Got It” Toronto, Ontario rapper, singer, and songwriter, Lavi$h, just released a new single titled “I Got It”, produced by Soul-O Beats. Lavi$h’s style is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop music, creating a unique rhythmic fusion which he’s known for. Lavi$h started recording and songwriting throughout school and after gaining traction within local circles, Lavi$h began to hone in on his […]

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Franki Releases Hot Track “Thick China”

“I don’t need no damn help, did it by my damn self…” – quote from “Thick China” Franki opens this track titled “Thick China” with a sarcastic comment about herself being tough to handle. And in fact, that’s what this entire audio is about. The Toronto artist brag talks about how she has been able to change her life and move from being a broke person to having her legs up and sitting comfortably. Doubtless, that’s something worth the celebration. […]

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BLK Release their Melodious Hip Hop Blend “Got It”

“Yeah I got it, deep dive in it, hold your breath, long strokes got you all up in it…” – quote from “Got It” Amid the quarantine earlier in 2020, the BLK team got together to keep business going. They released their debut single, “Got It”. The song is a confident show-off filled with melodious lines and messages of being different. Bexk, Lilac X, and Korahjay wittingly flaunt their well-trimmed bodies and flood the screen with sensual poses. The energy […]

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