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Lubalin Gets Vulnerable on “don’t know”

“What’s he doing now, we never see you around, think I’m losing purpose, all he see is surface, things I can’t explain, you’d have to feel the same. Who am I? I don’t know…” – quote from “don’t know” Montreal R&B artist Lubalin shares dark and emotional new single titled “don’t know”. In “don’t know”, we hear an artist in his most vulnerable state. Although it took a lot to let it out, Lubalin tackles his inner conflicts, uncertainties about […]

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TNT Ladiies

TNT LADIIES Drops Brand New Single “Everytime”

“Everytime they see us coming they like whoa whoa, we the baddest thing, know it, don’t need your promo…” – quote from “Everytime” The song “Everytime” is a sweet blend from the TNT Ladiies. Flowing like fresh milk from the dairy, the sweetness of the voices will get you. Moving, twisting, and even twerking, you’d never want to waste the beats. Having worked hard to be where they are, the TNT Ladiies give this single to themselves, a celebration of […]

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Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya Unleashes His Latest Song “Le Cap”

“Pull up and eat the flesh, I need the flesh, reaky bi*ch, she told me she down for whatever…” – quote from “Le Cap” Zach Zoya has just released his latest song. Soon after the climax of his “Slurpee” music video, the multitalented artist has just dropped another hit song which he titled “Le Cap”. “Le Cap” is a dynamic song that features the emcees ability to effectively manage his flows and sounds all at once. It is also a […]

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Roney Teams Up With Sick Ppl in New Track “Go There”

“Man, he come to my block it’s a dead end, they like Roney why you got so much dead friends, cause my end so scary, boy you don’t wanna go there…” – quote from “Go There” Canada‘s top-rated music talent, Roney, has just unleashed his musical gifting in a new song he titled “Go There”. The song was produced by the collaborative efforts of the artist, and another prolific music talent, Sick Ppl. “Go There” was shot and edited by […]

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Logan Wood

Logan Wood Delivers “Rebounds” from His New Mixtape

“I ain’t here for the pinky rings or the platinum gold with the diamond chains, if that’s your goals then we ain’t on the same page…” – quote from “Rebounds” Canadian artist Logan Wood just dropped his 10th track titled “Rebounds” from his debut mixtape titled “Nottingham & Devon”. Everything you hear in the song was composed, recorded, and produced by Logan himself. Logan says that the truly found his sound with this 13 track project ”Nottingham & Devon” and […]

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Zach Zoya

Zach Zoya Drops New Vibrant Song “Slurpee”

“Don’t you dare getting it twisted if I’m on it then I body it, I got a feeling that people around me don’t care none about it…” – quote from “Slurpee” Highly skilled, smooth Canadian rapper and songwriter Zach Zoya drops a lively track called “Slurpee”. In the song, he gets fueled up on liquor in his “Slurpee” and reflects on all the things he desires in life – the money, fame and view from the house in the valley. […]

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Sean Martin Luther Tha P

Sean Martin Luther Tha P “Come Over” ft Lyrical Joe, D.O Gizzle, & Terry Tha Rapman

“Lets get face to face, imma give you a taste of what you been waiting for till the night’s over…” – quote from “Come Over” Canadian artist Sean Martin Luther Tha P unleashes the first single off of his “Pumbah” mixtape and features Lyrical Joe, D.O Gizzle, & Terry Tha Rapman. The Pumbah mixtape is dedicated to his wife and includes a list of tracks that incorporates his greatness. In “Come Over” is a love song on top of a […]

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L.I Freeze

L.I Freeze Raps About Love Life in “My Only”

“Girl you’re not my only, I smile every time you phone me, can’t let this lifestyle take you from me…” – quote from “My Only” Canadian artist, L.I Freeze is dishing out his heartbreaking confusions in his hot new single “My Only”. Known for his versatile sound and freestyle lyrics, the talented artist again showcases his energetic vibe and knack for deeply enriching words in this new song. “My Only” is about trying to keep his relationship with the one […]

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BLACK iRI$H Drops a Quarantine Single “MOON”

After his previous release of “Mars”, BLACK iRI$H has dropped another single he titles “MOON”. In “Mars”, the Canadian artist makes an animated storyline of a man who goes on a space adventure alongside Elon Musk to the red planet. “MOON” is a continuation of “Mars”, only that it is influenced by quarantine energy. In the song, BLACK iRI$H combines sharp lyricism with thundering melodies such that the streets will  love. His energy in the song is such as has […]

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Tinywiings Collabs with Shea Michael in “Bad Lil Bitch”

“Hit her on the gram, sexy and she gotta tan, ain’t gotta a lot of friends, but she’s gotta a lot of fans…” – quote from “Bad Lil Bitch” Up and coming Canadian star Tinywiings is at it again. She’s just released a hit song “Bad Lil Bitch” alongside Shea Michael and referenced the song to a girl they both once had a thing for at the same time. In the song, Tinywiings and Shea Michael both give their exotic […]

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