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Tinywiings Don’t Hold Back on “S.I.M.P.”

“Don’t know what you heard about me, bi*** going broke when he ballin out on me…” – quote from “S.I.M.P.” Canadian rapper, songwriter, and poet Tinywiings go all out in her new song “S.I.M.P.” It’s her play on 50 Cent‘s legendary track “P.I.M.P.” “S.I.M.P.” came about when Tinywiings and her producer Unkle Ricky saw the word “simp” trending on social media. The song pays homage to the original, but with her twist on it. At a young age, Tinywiings found […]

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Charmaine Is Back With New Video “Double Dutch”

“Heaven-sent when they float with these hits, uh, get an inch when the money ’bout to hit…” – quote from “Double Dutch” Canadian rap artist Charmaine is back with a new video for “Double Dutch.” The single is the fourth track from her debut EP “Hood Avant Garde.” The visual was directed by Spencer Edwards, and sees Charmaine flaunting culture and couture as she showcases her take on the modern-day renaissance woman. She says of the making of the video, […]

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Northburn Records Showcase

Northburn Records Showcase ft Khamisa, AHSIA, VividlyVal, Off Topic, Xhalida & Sammy Rich

“You really are the man of my dreams, the one, the one I have been manifesting…” – quote from “Special” by Xhalida Northburn Records Showcase filmed a show in Canada featuring talented artists including Khamisa, AHSIA, VividlyVal, Off Topic, Xhalida, and Sammy Rich. Northburn Records is a BIPOC label collective run by Sammy Rich based in Vancouver. FOLLOW NORTHBURN RECORDS SHOWCASE: Instagram Facebook SoundCloud

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QUAMON Drops Debut Single “Chit Chat”

“I want the millions please, do not talk I don’t like chit chat. I’m in a rari I’m pushing 200, ya I told her sit back …” – quote from “Chit Chat” Rising Canadian talent QUAMON dropped his first official single, “Chit Chat.” The avid gamer QUAMON uses elements of gaming sounds to showcase unstoppable energy with his production in the track. The accompanying music video, directed by Brock Newman, is an ode to the 80s and popular arcade games. […]

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Snotty Nose Rez Kids

Snotty Nose Rez Kids Newest Single “Something Else”

“Woah, that ain’t my cup of tea you sippin’, don’t mind me, I’m minding my business, in the belly of the beast, still kicking, I’m something else ’cause ya boy built different…” – quote from “Something Else” Snotty Nose Rez Kids released their newest single, “Something Else,” to kick off Indigenous Heritage Month. The band stayed quiet at the start of this year, but they released this new track five months in. The Canadian hip hop duo composed of rappers […]

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Charmaine Is Back with“WOO!”

“Pump the breaks like woo, take a breath like woo, been a minute like woo…” – quote from “WOO!” Rising Canadian star Charmaine released a visual for her second single, “WOO!” from her debut EP, “Hood Avant Garde.” The track follows up to “BOLD,” released this past fall and which noted her as one of Canada’s first breakout women in hip-hop. Charmaine was selected as one of 9 global Artists To Watch for SoundCloud’s FIRST ON SOUNDCLOUD program, which provides […]

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Mandia Drops Love Song “Diamonds”

“You took me by surprise, should’ve known the danger of your hazel eyes…” – quote from “Diamonds” Toronto, Canada singer, Mandia, releases her new single “Diamonds.” This catchy Pop/R&B song is inspired by a heartbreak that ended up turning into a honeymoon. Sometimes patience proves that you can turn a rock into a diamond. Mandia grew up singing and dancing across festival stages in Ontario since the age of 8 years old. She perfected her vocals and spent years studying […]

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New Year

New Year and Irack Drops Music Video for “Die Young”

“And if you gone ride, tell ‘em slide through. You got my back, I got yo’ back cause you got mine too…” – quote from “Die Young” Young Canadian artist New Year releases his latest music video, “Die Young,” with Irack. “Die Young” is an emotional R&B hip-hop track that reveals the ugly side of life on Toronto’s streets. The city of Toronto, Canada, is a beautiful one, but it has its own ugliness and evil like every other place […]

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Justine Tyrell

Justine Tyrell Drops Love Song “My Name”

“Cut to the old news and let’s do what we do best, best. Stuck on repeat, in reverse, better than the rest, rest…” – quote from “My Name” Canadian-born songstress, Justine Tyrell, packs soulful vocals and a catchy hook in her new song titled “My Name.” In “My Name, ” Justine delivers lots of layers and harmonies to give the soundscape more depth and feeling. With a sultry, confident attitude, she talks about the magnetic, hypnotic chemistry with another. The […]

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Q-Benjamin Releases Island Vibe “New Ting”

Canadian singer, songwriter, and rap artist Q-Benjamin releases her first track titled “New Ting” with an island vibe and a hint of R&B and rap inflections. “New Ting” is a track from her upcoming EP that’s set to drop in March. This year she plans to give her fans a full picture of what her life is like.  Q-Benjamin is a singer who grew up listening to dancehall/reggae music, R&B, and hip hop. She desires to stay true to the […]

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