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Cash Kidd Returns with New Single “Nevermind” from BeBe Kidd 3

Cash Kidd

Detroit rap artist Cash Kidd, known as the punchline king, has dropped his highly anticipated album “BeBe Kidd 3,” featuring the attention-grabbing single “Nevermind.” This release marks a new chapter for Cash Kidd, who has chosen the perfect time to deliver the third installment in the album series that kickstarted his career.

Cash Kidd’s debut album, “BeBe Kidd,” paid homage to the 1992 film with a similar name and served as an affectionate nod to his younger, troublemaking self. Over the years, he has become an unlikely hero amongst street rappers, inspiring countless artists with his endless flow of original bars and captivating storytelling.

With “Nevermind,” Cash Kidd showcases his growth as an artist, diving deep into his experiences and embracing rap stardom after almost a decade in the industry. “People deserve to hear what I’m going through. I ain’t post in a minute; I’d rather give it to ’em through music,” Cash Kidd explains.

As the Detroit native continues to make waves in the rap scene, his signature style and relentless punchlines will surely capture the hearts and minds of hip-hop fans across the globe. Keep an eye on Cash Kidd as he solidifies his position within the urban music landscape.



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