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Poundz Delivers New Drill Song “Honey”

“I love beef and I love get money, I’ve got racks and I’ve got bare honeys. No cap, real bad man ting, double tap dat twice, turn my man duppy…” – quote from “Honey” Poundz is at it again with another new UK drill song titled “Honey”. This release follows his remix of his previous single “Rover”, which entertained over a millions viewers in just a week. https://youtu.be/Ud61U0AAwL0 In “Honey”, the Disturbing London artist delivers bouncy riddims and quick bars […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “Bussdown”

“Me and you, we’re not the same…I’m different b*tch…” – quote from “Bussdown” Just a week ago UKNWN, a music artist from the UK, dropped a song called “Bussdown”. This track has a cool, mellow and spacey instrumental. Not only does UKNWN’s voice pair nicely with the beat, how he stays calm and still lyrically delivers is a huge factor in the outcome of “Bussdown”. The music video is well put together and thought out. When it starts it seems […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Releases Mellow Hit “Oxytocin”

“Where do you run when you know you can’t hide, distance love, trying to keep me outside…” – quote from “Oxytocin” South London artist Benjamin A.D is back with his first hit this year produced by WAVSDNTDIE called “Oxytocin”. In the song he delivers a smooth melodic flow that will relax your mind and get you in a calm mood. The video, which was directed by Ray Fiasco and produced by Yomi Ogunsola, takes place in a home and shows […]

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Marvo Fivestarsz

Marvo Fivestarsz “Without (Chinwe)”

“My heart beats, definitely on froze and even though I know you’re with God it’s still burning deep in my soul…” – quote from “Without (Chinwe)” UK artist Marvo Fivestarsz just wrote and dropped a soulful track called “Without (Chinwe)” in memory of his mother who recently passed away from COVID-19. Chinwe means “God Has”, which was his mother’s second name. Marvo locked himself in a room for 2 days after this tragedy occurred and pour his heart out into […]

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Yvon Collaborates with Dekar in “Run”

“I’m kind of lost, can I stay with you? No longer want to be here. Liquor is done, I need a new remedy. I want to give it up to you…” – quote from “Run” UK artist Yvon teams up with Dekar in a captivating melodic experience called “Run”. In “Run”, she delivers a tropical vibe with her smooth euphonious voice and Dekar follows up with a sweet flow to compliment the song. The video is very colorful with happy […]

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Max Valentine

Max Valentine Releases Romantic Track “Let Me”

“Aiming for your mental, lights out. You went from a maybe to main squeeze…” – quote from “Let Me” North London artist and songwriter Max Valentine just released a sensual R&B song called “Let Me”, which is about pure love that he wants to give to a significant other. The song shows a side of Max’s versatile skills, as his previous work consisted of rap. “Let Me” was one one of many tracks that was recorded in Los Angeles over […]

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Digging for Kanky

Digging for Kanky Releases Trip Hop Track “The Ugly”

“Don’t waste my time, don’t take this soul of mine. Seen the good turn bad, and now the ugly is all I have…” – quote from “The Ugly” North Manchester music duo Digging for Kanky releases a new sound from the underbelly called “The Ugly”. “The Ugly” is a deep, moving song from their debut EP “Alice” that depicts how an ugly, toxic relationship can kill the soul. The video, which was directed and edited by Klemensas Kozlovas, opens up […]

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Madz Drops New Track “Saucin’”

“She wanna ride along, Nia Long, show me on the playlist…” – quote from “Saucin’” South East London rapper Madz just recently released his new track “Saucin’”. He usually displays his talent with R&B vibes, but in this song he switches it up with a more gritty side. The video, which was directed by Mrmtmmg, consists of warm colors to compliment his smooth flow. He also shift scene to scene sometimes chilling with his boys and then with his lady. […]

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Queen Millz

Queen Millz Releases Debut Single “Money”

“I’m so broke, it’s a joke, but I’m just staying a float…” – quote from “Money” UK hip hop artist and songwriter Queen Millz just released her debut single “Money”. The song reveals how to flex and make do with what you’ve got in a world that’s so materialistic. If you work hard to reach your goals, everything will eventually come together for those who have faith and wait. https://youtu.be/O0cMuT_lLYI Queen Millz said “​I wrote “Money” for all of the […]

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Big Narstie

Big Narstie and Still Greedy Link Up on “Smooth Criminal”

“There are no breaks, there are no days off. We do this all in intervals…” – quote from “Smooth Criminal” Big Narstie just released a single featuring Still Greedy called “Smooth Criminal”, which was inspired by Michael Jackson. https://youtu.be/9VRG9qQVnO8 Narstie is calm, as he delivers smooth lyrics and Still Greedy comes through with a catchy chorus. The music video is animated and shows both of the artists in a high speed chase with the police. Big Narstie flosses in an […]

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