ZayBang Collaborates with Lil Yee on “Unnoticed”


“And I’m sorry that I dropped some good songs unnoticed, ayy that shi* had me unfocused…”

– quote from “Unnoticed”

Super-talented West Coast California rapper, ZayBang has released a smashing hit song in collaboration with San Francisco’s finest Emcee, Lil Yee. 

Released on his birthday, this track “Unnoticed” talks about life on the streets, the struggles, pains, hard decisions, and consequences. It was produced by Recca Beats, and the video was directed by Imxsabastian. 

With this hard-hitting sound, ZayBang reminds the entire music industry, once again, that his time has come, and he’s here to shine. After spending the early part of his youthful life behind bars, he has been on a row with confrontational, thought-provoking, and fearless lyrics since he got out and launched into the music industry. 

After the release of his 2019 mixtape “Caught Up in the Crossfire” and hit single “No Relations,” which quickly blew over the roof and brought him to the spotlight, blogs and radio stations have not been able to get enough of him. Reputable local blog Thizzler on The Roof smartly clinched the rights to host his subsequent music releases on their YouTube channel. SPIN named his project “The Streets Blame Me” “One of the Best from the Bay Area in Recent Memory,” and his single “Can’t Lose” was also featured in Pitchfork’s “Must-hear Rap Song of the Day.” 





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