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Yung Gravy & his Viral Hit “Strawberries & Creamin'”

Yung Gravy

This exclusive track was born from a collaboration with Dr Pepper to celebrate Yung Gravy’s love for the new Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream flavor. Since its release, the song has taken the internet by storm, becoming an instant viral sensation.

Yung Gravy initially teased the song on TikTok, generating excitement and anticipation among his fans. The animated visual for “Strawberries & Creamin'” followed on YouTube, accompanied by boisterous horns and simmering drumbeats. In the song, Yung Gravy flexes his lyrical skills and urges listeners to embrace the Dr Pepper season and sip it to completion.

Yung Gravy and Dr Pepper launched an exclusive merch drop that made headlines to commemorate their partnership. Available for a limited time on the NTWRK app, lucky fans had the chance to purchase custom-designed merchandise, including a co-designed shirt, drink coasters, and even a Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream gravy boat. The drop received an overwhelming response, breaking records on NTWRK with the highest number of entries in 2023.

“Strawberries & Creamin'” follows the success of Yung Gravy’s collaboration with bbno$, “Goodness Gracious,” which garnered millions of streams and received praise from Spin and Hits Daily Double. HYPEBEAST even named it one of their “Best New Tracks,” commending its upbeat vibe. The song has been featured on top playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday and has gained international recognition, including airplay on Australia’s Triple J Radio.

As Yung Gravy’s global momentum grows, he solidifies his position as a rising star in the rap scene. With infectious beats, clever wordplay, and a unique sense of style, Yung Gravy has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Watch for his upcoming releases and be prepared to be hooked by his catchy tunes and undeniable charisma.



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