YP GottiGang Takes Us Through His Journey in “Mad Now”

YP GottiGang

“Done turned they back on me so much, can’t remember they face. They left me in the jungle, I came out a beast, imma hyena, you know imma eat…”

– quote from “Mad Now”

In “Mad Now,” YP GottiGang describes his hardships and what he went through to get to where he is now. Those who looked down on him are “Mad Now” that he’s survived the struggle and continuing to move forward.

YP GottiGang was born in Detroit, Michigan and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He brought a new flavor to the music scene when he released his EP last year on 4/20 titled “Freesmoke” with hit tracks “Pretty Pretty” and “Wet.” 

Check out “Mad Now” and follow YP GottiGang on all social media platforms below.  

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