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Young Gstar “Is She Gunna Ride? (Ring Ring)”

Young Gstar

Young Gstar, the eclectic and versatile musical artist, has just dropped his latest single, “Is She Gunna Ride? (Ring Ring),” a song that reflects on the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. The track features a fast-paced cadence that captures the rollercoaster of emotions from being in an on and off back and forth relationship.

The music video for “Is She Gunna Ride? (Ring Ring)” features a lego theme that symbolizes the ongoing effort to build and piece together a relationship that is constantly in flux. The video visually represents the song’s message, perfectly capturing the essence of Young Gstar’s style.

Young Gstar, who describes himself as a “TrippyHippie,” is known for his psychedelic, alien-like flows and melodic bars that transport listeners to unknown lands beyond the scope of their imagination. He has performed to packed crowds in the US at Miami LIVE in Florida and Proud Camden and Fiddlers Elbow in London, UK. His high-energy live show has blown away audiences and made him a standout in the music world.

But behind the smoke, the party anthems, and delinquent antics, Young Gstar’s music delivers a message of hope. His rebellious virtues, unorthodox philosophies, and free-spirited approach to life are all reflected in his music, which speaks to his fans on a personal level.



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