Young Chang Releases the Pain in “Can’t Stay Sober” ft Baseline

Young Chang

“I’m so dead inside, don’t think anybody get me…”

– quote from “Can’t Stay Sober”

“Can’t Stay Sober” is a track inspired by the pain and heartbreak that Young Change experienced. Alongside Baseline, he expresses how many times heartbreak has led him down a dark path of drinking, smoking, and isolation from the world. The track is about the highs, lows, and healing journey. 

Young Chang is a rising artist coming from the East Coast of Scotia, California. With his creative style, he’s created waves in the music scene across the world. His songs “Vision,” “Trapped, “and “Ghostin” are true testaments to his personality. 

Check out “Can’t Stay Sober” and follow Young Chang on social media channels below. 





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