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Wess Navigates the Journey of “Adolescence” in His New Track


Emerging from the vibrant cultural mosaic of North Carolina, Wess marks his official debut with “Adolescence” under his new partnership with Dope Fate Distribution. This track is a profound reflection on the pains and struggles of growing up, a theme that resonates deeply with listeners of all backgrounds.

In “Adolescence,” Wess weaves a narrative that mirrors his own journey through life. His music explores the experiences that have shaped him, from the complexities of his upbringing to the diverse musical influences that have honed his artistry. Like much of his work, this song is a compelling fusion of introspective lyrics and captivating rhythms, creating an anthem for those grappling with the trials of youth and self-discovery.

Wess’s debut EP, “Obscure Soul,” delved into the intricacies of the human condition, touching on themes of uncertainty, loss, and perseverance. Following this, his single “Wish I Had U” invited listeners into a world of lost love and reflective nostalgia.

What sets Wess apart is his unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. His music is not just a form of entertainment; it’s a journey of emotional expression and storytelling. Offstage, Wess extends his influence through Twitter, engaging in meaningful conversations and building a community around his passion for music.

With “Adolescence,” Wess offers a piece of his soul, inviting listeners to navigate the turbulent waters of growing up alongside him. His music is a beacon for those seeking solace in understanding and solidarity, marking him as an artist of depth, resonance, and undeniable impact.



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