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Wes DeLux Reveals New Track “DEMON TIME”

Wes DeLux

In the 17-song Project “DeLuxified I,” – “DEMON TIME” is a powerful track. It features Atlanta artist Wes DeLux talking about his demons and letting us know when his ego takes control. It is the 8th song on the album. You can see that the demon side of DeLux’s music starts to fade and that his deep love and spirit show more. Check out the entire project if you are looking for some yin and yang vibes.

Wes DeLux has released multiple Spotify tracks, including “Need a Minute,” “Slowly,” and “Blimpie.” This artist’s boombox is filled with a wide range of styles. Inner engineering is part of the Delux path. This involves finding a balance between one’s ego and true spirit in an urban environment. Wes was a pianist for 10 years and learned electric and acoustic guitars. He also performed with various bands. In addition, Wes DeLux performs live shows that include singing, rapping, and guitar playing.

Be on the lookout for Wes DeLux’s multiple singles and a variety of music available on all platforms.



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