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Wallis & Destiny Lotus Challenge Stereotypes in “Ain’t That Kinda Girl”


UK artist Wallis dropped her latest single, “Ain’t That Kinda Girl,” featuring South London rapper Destiny Lotus. Recorded and produced at Studio 7 in Tottenham, this Pop R&B banger seamlessly transitions from sultry verses to a fiery, soul-inspired chorus with a hook you won’t soon forget.

Wallis’s distinct vocals shine as she pushes back against male vanity, demanding more than superficial offerings. The song is a powerful critique of outdated male perspectives on what women truly desire. Destiny Lotus reinforces this message during her mid-track feature, confidently asserting, “I never needed his money to endorse me, believe me.”

The chorus line, “I don’t need no diamond rings or pearls, just ain’t that kinda girl,” is the perfect clap back to men who assume they can win a woman’s affection with material possessions. Wallis and Destiny Lotus make it clear that they’re looking for something more substantial.

“Ain’t That Kinda Girl” showcases Wallis’s exceptional talent and establishes her as a force for change in the urban music scene. They’re rewriting the narrative and demanding genuine connections in a world of superficial expectations. Keep an eye on these divas as they continue challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to be a woman in the music industry.



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