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Wakai “Diary of a Mad Black Man” ft Marco Plus & Fly Anakin


Wakai’s recent release, “Diary of a Mad Black Man,” stands out as a stark confession in the vast tapestry of urban rhythms. Featuring Marco Plus & Fly Anakin, the song channels Wakai’s raw essence as he paints a vivid image of life’s dichotomies – its highs and lows, screams and silences.

Over jazz-tinged beats, Wakai voices the frustrations of feeling marginalized, reflecting on the harsh realities many face but few dare to vocalize.

Tracks like “Frustrated” and “Diary of a Mad Black Man” give life to the turbulent emotions many navigate daily, while tunes such as “Sweet Tea” and “Mama Earth” bring in a refreshing contrast, capturing the light amidst the shadow. “Some People Scream, Some People Talk” isn’t just an album; it’s a poignant journey into the intricate psyche of this prodigy.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Wakai’s musical inspirations run deep – touching upon his father’s treasure trove of classics, like OutKast and Earth, Wind & Fire, while drawing from contemporaries like Isaiah Rashad. Wakai, the co-founder of Upperkut and a proud member of the artist collective Col-Der-Sac isn’t just riding the wave; he’s steering the ship.

As Wakai teams up with producer attaboijim, expect the urban scene to be hit with a flurry of Baton Rouge authenticity. Hold tight, urban aficionados! Wakai’s here to reshape and redefine the genre’s narrative. And trust us; this is a sonic story you don’t want to miss.



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