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Vin Jay’s “Brain Dead” Video Showcases Raw Talent & Bravado

Vin Jay

Long Island emcee Vin Jay is making a statement with the release of his new video for “Brain Dead,” a bravado-laced banger from his forthcoming EP, “Karma.” The video, directed by Anickan, an award-winning indie film director and fellow artist, showcases their talents as they bring a seemingly straightforward set to life.

With just Vin Jay and a chair, the creative team makes the visuals for “Brain Dead” engaging and dynamic. This is a testament to the skill of Anickan behind the lens and Vin Jay’s commanding presence on the mic.

“Brain Dead” is a prime example of Vin Jay’s ability to captivate an audience with his raw talent and relentless energy. His clever lyricism and hard-hitting flow will leave fans eager for the release of “Karma” as anticipation builds for what’s next from this promising artist.



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