Trey Qua Releases Something Special Titled “Tel Aviv”

Trey Qua

After releasing his critically acclaimed debut single, “Slide,” super-talented British singer and songwriter, Trey Qua kept fans asking for more. Now he returns with this banger, using his electrifying melody to tell the story of the pain he felt as he got out of a toxic relationship.

This song, which he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered all alone, shows how incredibly he has grown in his craft. From the heavy bars to American-influenced production quality and his lyrical dexterity, there’s no doubt he has all it takes to become a superstar.

Trey began walking towards stardom at the age of 9. He did so many dance competitions before he started singing, writing songs, and producing his own music. He has sung in the choir and performed in high-profile venues like the Roundhouse and the Royal Alberta House.



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