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TOURE Reveals Latest Track “Lifestyle Vicious” ft Vory


West Philadelphia’s TOURE is staking his claim and challenging the music scene with his latest drop, “Life Of The Party.” This isn’t just another album; it’s a twelve-track journey through triumph, solitude, and the electrifying highs of success. TOURE isn’t holding back, kicking off with “Lost It All Before,” a raw, introspective piece laying down his resilience roadmap.

The album’s heartbeat is “Lifestyle Vicious,” featuring the velvet-voiced Vory, known for his work with industry titans like Beyonce and Kanye West. TOURE flips the script on this one, his vocal acrobatics painting a stark contrast between his gritty past and the lustrous life he’s carved out – a ruthless and rich narrative. With other features like Kie and Yung Bleu adding their own flavors, the project brims with versatility and raw, unapologetic energy.

But it’s not just about the music. TOURE’s philosophy shines through as he pivots from pain-driven tracks to anthems born out of pure joy. He’s done shadowboxing with local legends; his eyes are now set on a global horizon. His hustle resonates with every beat, culminating in a freestyle that left Bars On I-95 and audiences breathless and a sold-out show with Philly roaring.

As TOURE’s star ascends, each project is more than just music – it’s a masterclass in grit and grind. “Life Of The Party” is a celebration of where he’s at and a declaration of where he’s headed. Watch this space: TOURE is not just on the rise; he’s rewriting the playbook.



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