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Tommy Stoner Drops “Do It All Year” ft The Letter M

Tommy Stoner

Get ready to turn up the volume and let the bass knock because Tommy Stoner has dropped a scorching hot new single, “Do It All Year,” featuring the lyrical prowess of The Letter M. This dynamic duo is setting the streets ablaze with this certified banger that’s got everybody moving and shaking from coast to coast.

The track’s infectious beat and catchy hook will have you vibing all day, while the slick wordplay and raw energy of both Tommy Stoner and The Letter M will make you wanna hit that replay button non-stop. They’re here to prove that they can “Do It All Year” and dominate the urban music scene.

Tommy Stoner’s unique flow and undeniable charisma, combined with The Letter M’s effortless lyricism, create a synergy that’s hard to find in today’s game. The duo’s chemistry is straight-up electric, and they’ve got what it takes to keep the party jumping.



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