Token Opens Up in New Track “IOD” ft Lil Skies

Token and Lil Skies

“Liquor hit a lil’ different when you sip it on your own, got a couple homies worried, I ain’t pickin’ up the phone…”

– quote from “IOD”

Ever-expanding rapper Token returns with another superstar collaboration with Lil Skies in the new song “IOD.” The track can be found on his upcoming album “Pink is Better.” The Massachusetts-based rapper opens up and touches on the struggles of addiction. When speaking about it, Token said, “This is the first time I’ve acknowledged it. Seeing my sister battling addiction scared me because I knew that could’ve been me. The album addresses my unhealthy habits & the things that led me there. With Lil Skies, you can always hear the pain behind the admittance. He was the perfect fit for ‘IOD.'” 

Token has morphed into an exceptional hip-hop artist through a prolific grind. He’s amassed hundreds of millions of streams and views independently and received praise from The Boston Globe, XXL, Complex, and more. His upcoming project “Pink is Better” will be released under his own label Never Too Different and Atlantic Records. 

Token earned his stripes at a young age when he started writing his songs and building an audience through his YouTube page. At 17, one of his songs went viral, earning him national recognition in the rap community. 






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