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Titch Storms the Drill Scene with “Fresh Home”


UK’s drill scene got a fresh jolt of energy with Titch, a rising star bringing raw power to the streets with his latest track, “Fresh Home.” Known for his unfiltered style and hard-hitting lyrics, Titch is quickly carving out a space in the competitive world of drill music.

“Fresh Home” is a quintessential drill anthem, blending a melodic yet potent beat with Titch’s dynamic and jumpy flow. The track perfectly showcases his ability to navigate the gritty and rapid-fire style that UK drill is renowned for while infusing a unique flavor that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

The song’s backbone is its captivating, hard–hitting, and melodious beat, creating a perfect playground for Titch’s sharp lyricism and energetic delivery. This fusion of melody with the raw intensity of drill makes “Fresh Home” a standout track, resonating with fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

As Titch continues to rise in the ranks of the UK drill scene, “Fresh Home” cements his status as an artist to watch. With each verse, he demonstrates his knack for crafting music that’s not just heard but felt, a skill that will keep him on the radar in the bustling UK music scene.



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