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The Seal Breakers Release New Track “No Drama”

The Seal Breakers

The Seal Breakers is a dynamic and innovative musical duo based in Brooklyn. The super-talented siblings, who go by the names TaGee Rahman and Shea Butta, are renowned for their soaring vocals and catchy melodies, and they bring these awesome qualities to be bare on this new song titled “No Drama.”

Their musical style fuses R&B, POP Soul, Alt-Soul, and Hip Hop elements. Being siblings, the duo shares an intimate bond that reflects in the cohesion of their voices and makes their sound irresistible.

In this new song, “No Drama,” The Seal Breakers talk about living a drama-free life and enjoying all the peace that comes with it. From the cool guitar soundscape to the bouncy rhythm and soothing vocals, this song will make a great addition to your playlist this season.

Check out The Seal Breakers on all streaming platforms to get acquainted with their music, and be on the lookout as they have amazing new songs waiting to be released in the coming months.



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