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The Gifted Program Dedicates Song “R.A.G.E.” to the USA

The Gifted Program

To deliver a sonic boom, The Gifted Program (consisting of Executive Producer NYC Native and Miami Residing DaLtonNYC) put a lot of time and effort into creating the song “R.A.G.E.” The track was made with the intent to start a riot.

It took them 3 sessions to get the vibe just right. The vocals were recorded in 2 sessions at Pirate Studio in Brooklyn, and the 3rd one was in Miami.

In “R.A.G.E.,” Dalton tries to express emotions from his life experience over the last years that he had to face alone.

The Executive Producer, Award-winning DJ Dalton, works with a strong group of rising star NYC/MIAMI-based producers & songwriters to deliver radio-ready hits with past releases featured in heavy rotation all over the country, including Sirius Satellite and NYC Hot 97.



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