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The DayDreamers Releases a Stoner Anthem, “HeadRock”

The DayDreamers

Hip-hop Virginia group, The DayDreamers, releases “HeadRock,” a stoner anthem with west coast influences.

The trio was founded in 2016 and raised in Suffolk, Virginia. Their unique, spontaneous sound gives the DayDreamers their name. Artists like Busta Rhymes and Kendrick Lamar greatly influenced them. Their challenges as children led to them finding solitude in their music.

The DayDreamers also head a group of creatives called D.D.O.D., composed of many individuals. Together with other Suffolk, Virginia artists and production specialists, The DayDreamers created their own label SlumLand Visionariez, which supports other artists and produces high-quality music in the 757 regions. They make music that connects to people who want to escape the pain and heartbreak in the world.



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