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Talitha Shifts the Standards with “FORMER PEOPLE PLEASER”


In an empowering anthem that speaks to self-prioritization and personal growth, UK’s rising star Talitha unveils “FORMER PEOPLE PLEASER.” This track isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration of independence, a breakaway from the shackles of pleasing others, resonating with anyone stepping into their era of self-first.

Redefining the Pop-R&B landscape, Talitha brings an emotional depth to her music, inspired by a blend of influences from The Weeknd’s haunting croons to Jhene Aiko’s soulful melodies. Her eclectic taste, from the rap realms of 6lack and XXXTentacion to the K-Pop beats of G-Dragon and CL, has honed her ability to infuse palpable emotion into her music. This diversity makes Talitha’s sound universal, transcending boundaries and touching listeners worldwide.

Her musical journey is marked by versatility. From the dark, atmospheric vibes of “Lonely Nights,” showcasing her prowess in creating music that’s emotionally dense and sonically expansive, to the upbeat rhythm and infectious melodies of “Higher,” Talitha proves her dexterity in shifting gears seamlessly.

Beyond her vocal and songwriting talents, Talitha stands out as a true “bedroom musician,” having taken control of every aspect of her music, from production to engineering and promotion. Her evolution from a YouTuber covering songs to a multi-faceted artist ready to significantly impact the music scene is nothing short of inspirational.

With “FORMER PEOPLE PLEASER,” Talitha is not just releasing another track; she’s making a statement. She’s ready to show the music industry the power of authentic self-expression and the beauty of music that encapsulates the human condition in its rawest form. Watch out, world – Talitha is here to stay and doing it her way.



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