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Talibando Strikes with New Track “Celebrity Status”


Navigating through the crisp flows and rhythmic cadences of Detroit’s vibrant rap scene, Talibando boldly steps into the limelight with his latest single, “Celebrity Status.” Gracing the beat, cultivated by the platinum-touched hands of RonRonTheProducer, Talibando unfurls tales of early grinds and the opulent life he’s currently basking in, all wrapped up with a visually striking video directed by IMX Sebastian.

“Celebrity Status” is a fusion of raw, street-wise lyrical prowess and opulent orchestral violins, offering a glimpse into Talibando’s journey from the hustles of the 7 Mile to the gleaming rap stage. With a repertoire embellished with tracks like “Blindfold” and “Usher,” this release is another testament to the emcee’s unwavering momentum and his penchant for storytelling and melodic integration.

Talibando, who’s been asserting his dominance and scribing his name in Detroit’s illustrious rap history, has not only seized local attention but also garnered acclaim from platforms like Pitchfork. With his last album enveloping listeners in his world and the promise of the Double R mixtape, Talibando is not just riding the wave but curating it.

His journey, deeply entwined with fellow Detroit luminaries like Peezy, Rio Da Yung Og, Baby Smoove, Babyface Ray, and Veeze, has evolved from the streets of Detroit to a name that resonates in the expansive hip-hop community. With the Navy Wavy trio, consisting of him, Babyface Ray, and Veeze, acting as a pulsating beacon of Detroit’s hip-hop scene, Talibando is more than just an anchor; he is a force, grounding and simultaneously propelling the collective into the national consciousness.



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