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Taija New Unveils an Anthem of Empowerment “Likes Up”

Taija New

In a world where relationships can be as tricky as they are fulfilling, Taija New’s latest track, “Likes Up,” is a bold and empowering anthem for those moments when frustration peaks. With an urban rhythm that resonates, “Likes Up” encapsulates the essence of being fed up and asserting one’s worth within a relationship plagued by disappointment.

Taija New, the Newbian King, has built her musical journey from humble beginnings at open mics in Springfield, Massachusetts. Her live performances quickly gained traction through word-of-mouth, showcasing her undeniable talent for delivering memorable and impactful performances. This journey led her to release her debut EP “Color Me Complex,” in 2015, featuring the hit single “Newbian King,” which challenges the gender binary and celebrates individuality.

The artist’s musical evolution continued with the release of her sophomore album “Heart on the Stage” in 2017, followed by a two-year album-titled tour that saw her sharing stages with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Todrick Hall, K.Michelle, and Tiffany Evans. Throughout her journey, Taija New has also shown her unwavering support for the LGBTQIA+ community through her music, especially with her single “Glitter” and subsequent “Pride Tour.”

“Likes Up” stands as a testament to Taija’s ability to fuse her experiences and emotions into her music, creating songs that resonate with listeners personally. Her forthright lyrics and relatable themes make her an artist who isn’t afraid to tackle the complexities of relationships with an urban flair. As she readies her fourth project and gears up for her next tour, Taija New continues to prove that her music is a powerful blend of authenticity and empowerment that resonates with a diverse and growing fanbase.



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