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Anine Drops His Latest Hit Song “Rosetta Stone”

“Bring back my history, like Rosetta Stone, but they ain’t really got you like I got you though…” – quote from “Rosetta Stone” After painting the City red with his debut “Plug Talk” album, Anine is set to storm the music stage again with his latest song “Rosetta Stone”. Anine is a British Nepalese rapper with origins from Southern England. He pens his own songs and is also a highly talented emcee, rapping severally in most of his songs. His previous releases such as […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “To The Moon”

“I’ve been going for change, they say I ain’t the same, say charge it to the game, cause there’s no one to blame…” – quote from “To The Moon” The British rapper, UKNWN is keeping his fans on their toes with his masterful flow in his latest song “To The Moon”. The young Enigmatic artist, who is known for his unique blend of wavy, trap sound, retro visuals, and catchy lyrics, goes all out in dishing out what he describes […]

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Medusa Announces Her Comeback with “I’m a Lot”

“I got all of your friends in my DMs cause I can. If you think you can handle me, boy you can’t…” – quote from “I’m a Lot” Medusa is a UK based student of the Leeds College of Music, Leeds. Her dream to storm the music industry and dish out her music talent on different stages was birthed when she was only 6. All through her childhood, she seized every slight opportunity that came her way to sing, play […]

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Still Greedy

Still Greedy Unleashes New Track “Hungry Belly”

“I been in the hood, been broke a long time, till I jumped up off the plane and went and got mine…” – quote from “Hungry Belly” Despite being a new talent at Dice Recordings, UK artist Still Greedy has not taken his determination for success for granted one bit. Within a space of two months, he has dropped four hit songs through the label. This is only a sheer indicator of his hunger for the top. Still Greedy is […]

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Big Narstie

Big Narstie Collaborates with RA to Release “Nik Nak”

“Five jumping out at a time so I’m double tapping that…” – quote from “Nik Nak” Both Big Narstie and RA are Brixton artists who are currently making their marks in the entertainment industry. “Nik Nak” is a melodious embodiment of nostalgia that rocks the streets like nothing else has ever done before. The song is a gracious combo of lyrics and visuals that reminds one of the good old Channel U era, and the obvious progress the two singers […]

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Poundz Delivers New Drill Song “Honey”

“I love beef and I love get money, I’ve got racks and I’ve got bare honeys. No cap, real bad man ting, double tap dat twice, turn my man duppy…” – quote from “Honey” Poundz is at it again with another new UK drill song titled “Honey”. This release follows his remix of his previous single “Rover”, which entertained over a millions viewers in just a week. https://youtu.be/Ud61U0AAwL0 In “Honey”, the Disturbing London artist delivers bouncy riddims and quick bars […]

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UKNWN Releases New Single “Bussdown”

“Me and you, we’re not the same…I’m different b*tch…” – quote from “Bussdown” Just a week ago UKNWN, a music artist from the UK, dropped a song called “Bussdown”. This track has a cool, mellow and spacey instrumental. Not only does UKNWN’s voice pair nicely with the beat, how he stays calm and still lyrically delivers is a huge factor in the outcome of “Bussdown”. The music video is well put together and thought out. When it starts it seems […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Releases Mellow Hit “Oxytocin”

“Where do you run when you know you can’t hide, distance love, trying to keep me outside…” – quote from “Oxytocin” South London artist Benjamin A.D is back with his first hit this year produced by WAVSDNTDIE called “Oxytocin”. In the song he delivers a smooth melodic flow that will relax your mind and get you in a calm mood. The video, which was directed by Ray Fiasco and produced by Yomi Ogunsola, takes place in a home and shows […]

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Marvo Fivestarsz

Marvo Fivestarsz “Without (Chinwe)”

“My heart beats, definitely on froze and even though I know you’re with God it’s still burning deep in my soul…” – quote from “Without (Chinwe)” UK artist Marvo Fivestarsz just wrote and dropped a soulful track called “Without (Chinwe)” in memory of his mother who recently passed away from COVID-19. Chinwe means “God Has”, which was his mother’s second name. Marvo locked himself in a room for 2 days after this tragedy occurred and pour his heart out into […]

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Yvon Collaborates with Dekar in “Run”

“I’m kind of lost, can I stay with you? No longer want to be here. Liquor is done, I need a new remedy. I want to give it up to you…” – quote from “Run” UK artist Yvon teams up with Dekar in a captivating melodic experience called “Run”. In “Run”, she delivers a tropical vibe with her smooth euphonious voice and Dekar follows up with a sweet flow to compliment the song. The video is very colorful with happy […]

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