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Cristale Drops Her First Official Single “Whites”

“It’s a full day shift, giving junk to the junkies…” – quote from “Whites” The rap/hip-hop single, “Whites”, accompanied by a music video starts off with an inaudible background rap. The suspense is scintillating, then at once, you’d hear Cristale get on the mic and roar her mind. Pushing herself, Cristale puts out this first official single after previously releasing many freestyles, ones that have gathered lots of accolades and hundreds of thousands of views. She has also been able […]

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S1 Lets It All Out In “Real Pain”

“I used to struggle for tenners now I’m burning through these notes, I still go through my moments i can’t lie my heart still cold, I tried to deal with my issues but I nearly overdosed…” – quote from “Real Pain” Rapidly rising South London artist, S1, releases another track titled “Real Pain” from his highly anticipated project this year. “Real Pain” comes from his 11 track tape “Split Personality”, which features prominent artists such as Chucks, Skengdo, Peter Xan, […]

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Brixx Releases “Ready”, Dancehall Music that Gets You Spinning

“My tongue sharp, I’m lippy, lippy…” – quote from “Ready” We can never get enough of dancehall, can we? Brixx drops a new rap/hip-hop that’ll get the clubs and parties excited again with her new song titled “Ready”. Putting in a generous splash of her fierce energy into this track, she skillfully made it into a weave of positive vibes. The rhythm vibrates powerfully with the beat and culminates into exciting jams that you’d wish never stopped. Brixx’s lyrical prowess […]

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Poundz Returns with New Single “Tik Tok”

“She like the way man move, the way man lean, the way man rock, I like the way gyal wine, the way gyal tick, the way gyal tock…” – quote from “Tik Tok” South London superstar Poundz is back at it again with new single “Tik Tok”. In this one, he teamed up with Honeywood6 and Elevated on the production. The track is destined to become another viral hit to add to his hit collection. In “Tik Tok”, Poundz glides […]

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Dan Diggas

Dan Diggas “No Drama” ft J Warner & Marie Dahlstrom

“You ain’t got time, I know you wanna be mine, said you wanna be solo, we can be lowkey, no brand, no logo…” – quote from “No Drama” London-based producer/artist Dan Diggas recently releasing his debut single “No Drama” featuring fellow Londoner J Warner and Danish artist/producer Marie Dahlstrom. “No Drama” is laced with a drill-inspired beat with R&B songwriting flourishes. A fusion of two different genres, vocalists J Warner and Marie deliver incredible performances deservedly securing its R&B stamp, […]

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NeONE The Wonderer

NeONE The Wonderer “Never Die” Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement

“Evidence shows that black youths strapped with an intelligent mind is the deadliest weapon…” – quote from “Never Die” This is another song to back up the relentless fight for justice in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Knowing that giving up is not on the plate, NeONE The Wonderer dedicates his song “Never Die” to the victims of racial injustice, and declares that “real legends never die”. This is NeONE The Wonderer’s second single. It’s dark without being depressing, and […]

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Zeph and SD Muni

Zeph & SD Muni Join Forces to Drop Hit Song “Active”

“I keep writing bars through until the bills get paid off, I ain’t trying to work forever and get slaved off…” – quote from “Active” Zeph is back with a bang! In this song, he joins forces with SD Muni to create an impressive track that has etched his way into the hearts of fans. Zeph hits the musical stage with his latest single “Active”, accompanying it with an energetic music video. This hip hop rap song details Zeph and […]

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Medusa Releases New Single “Leave Me Alone”

“You’re always calling my phone, like I need someone to guide me, always calling my friends, like I need someone to find me. I’ve been going through some stuff, but that don’t meant you gotta lie to me…” – quote from “Leave Me Alone” United Kingdom singer and songwriter Medusa returns with a new single called “Leave Me Alone”. “Leave Me Alone” expresses how sometimes you just simply want to be alone. When you’re fed up with that  controlling and […]

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Lizzy Waps

Lizzy Waps Intensifies Rhythm & Drill with “Thanos (One Snap)”

“Bae left me with the grub then kicked, next thing I know feds run-up in the yard slapped cuffs on my wrists…” – quote from “Thanos (One Snap)” Lizzy Waps has just introduced a whole new dimension to the UK music scene with her debut release “Thanos (One Snap)”. The song graces the music scene with exquisite sounds that are unique to the sexy United Kingdom-based artist. Its melodious beats also makes a perfect match for her deep-rooted rap lines, and velvet voice. […]

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Keeya Keys

Keeya Keys Makes a Grand Comeback with “RUUD”

“Me, I’ve got dreams of a black Bugatti, and you still ain’t left wing like ‘Dinho, I’m trynna move right like Ansu Fati, grab two batty…” – quote from “RUUD” After the release of his previous track “Your Loss”, Keeya Keys has returned with his latest hit track “RUUD”. The song is surprisingly more melodious than what is expected of an artist who just entered the music scene early this year. “RUUD” was produced by legendary producers NSG under 4PLAY, […]

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