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Medusa & Lands “I did it” ft Ermis

You said I wouldn’t make it far, but look at me, I did it. I ain’t worried what you thinking cause I got tunnel vision…” – quote from “I did it” R&B songstress Medusa collaborates with Lands and Ermis in a new song titled “I did it.” It touches on when you’re told that you can’t achieve something, but you go do it just to prove that you can. It’s all about not letting anything getting the way of your […]

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Rmarni Reflects on Past Love In “So High”

“Those vibes that you give me, your vibe when you’re with me, so fly got me feeling, so high oh my…” – quote from “So High” United Kingdom songstress Rmarni unveils her debut single “So High,” produced by Circa ’95 (Chip, John Legend, Rihanna). “So High” reflects past love and the bittersweet realization that you’ll never go back there, despite how good it felt. Rmarni’s melodic vocals build on the song’s enticing beat with an energizing 808, dreamy chords, and […]

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Poundz Go Hard on “Get Rich N Paid”

“Imma young ni** tryna get rich and paid, swear I’d rather be dead than broke, no way…” – quote from “Get Rich N Paid” United Kingdom chart-hitting artist, Poundz, flexes his lyricism with his new single, “Get Rich N Paid.” The song follows his current feature on Disturbing London’s “Drip,” featuring Ivorian Doll and label alumni Tinie and Yxng Bane. In “Get Rich N Paid,” Poundz demonstrates his exceptional capabilities as a lyricist. The track has a melodic, rap essence […]

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Daecolm Releases “Hot Topic”

“Bad little baby running through my mind, hot topic. Rappin’ all these feelings on some gang shi*…” – quote from “Hot Topic” South London singer, producer, and songwriter, Daecolm, just released his first single of 2020 titled “Hot Topic.” In the track, Daecolm touches on an unapologetic experience of a relationship with a toxic side. A relationship that you would like to stay in but also get out of. It is an authentic experience of going through something you want […]

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Big Swingz

Big Swingz Releases New Track “Run Outs”

“In the hood I charge minimum tax…” – quote from “Run Outs” East London artist Big Swingz recently dropped a new track titled “Run Outs.” This tune is hard-hitting punchlines from the artist with a smashing beat and catchy chorus. Big Swingz brings songs to life every time he’s involved. His energetic verses and melodic hooks got him on everybody’s radar as one to watch for in the near future. FOLLOW BIG SWINGZ: Instagram Spotify

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Tayong Drops New Song “Bed”

“A young boy, came up from nothing, always chase his dreams, couldn’t see the difference between reality…” – quote from “bed” Luton, UK hip hop artist Tayong flows effortlessly over the beat in his new track titled “Bed.” Tayong has worked alongside some of rap’s legends. Erick Sermon produced the track “No Fear” for his most recent album “INCIPIENCE.” He’s also worked closely with Wu-Tang engineer Josh Gannet and collaborated on songs with Black The Ripper before his passing. Tayong […]

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Park Hill

Park Hill Returns with “Broken Promises”

“I was fast asleep when she went through my phone and found a text, she used my fingerprint. She knows that I didn’t stay at the studio the whole weekend, I think this is the end…” – quote from “Broken Promises” Park Hill returns with an emotional guitar lead song titled “Broken Promises.” He paints a vivid picture of a toxic relationship on the brink of collapse. The track is a follow-up from “Early Morning,” featuring M Huncho in January […]

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Royal Releases New Video for “Gutter”

“I tried to block the pain, but these monsters came from my subconscious…” – quote from “Gutter” United Kingdom artist Royal recently dropped a track titled “Gutter,” accompanied by a visual directed by Billy Bones. Royal is a preacher’s son who’s inspired by the power of Gospel music, hip hop, and the soul of punk. His appearance on the BBC One Show “The Apprentice” gave him the chance to perform his debut single worldwide. His vibrant punk energy, along with […]

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Untold Poet

Untold Poet Drops His First Release of 2021 “Don’t Understand”

“Prejudism, world hunger, and poverty, just a few underlining things in this world that bother me. I just don’t understand it…” – quote from “Don’t Understand” Essex’s “Sound of 2021” Artist Untold Poet drops his first release of 2021 with his rap infused, spoken word piece titled, “Don’t Understand.” Untold Poet makes you think with thoughtful, provoking lyricism along with a laid back jazzy instrumental. “Don’t Understand” was inspired by a series of thoughts around current issues in the world […]

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Ashleigh Bankx

Ashleigh Bankx Unveils Debut Single “Angel”

“How can something so wrong feel so right…” – quote from “Angel” London-based songstress Ashleigh Bankx makes a huge statement at the top of the year with her first official release, “Angel.” The track is a love song with an accompanying visual directed by Lutch Media to set the mood. “Angel” starts off with a voiceover sample from Nina Simone, which leads perfectly into the song. When speaking about the lyric, Ashleigh says, “‘Angel’ is about self-liberation, understanding and valuing […]

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