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Joe the Truth

Joe the Truth Drops “Testimony”, A Song About Untold Pain

“Didn’t wanna talk about pain, but this pain hurt so deeply, if I gotta go then Lord take me when I’m sleeping…” – quote from “Testimony” Joe the Truth releases new song titled “Testimony” to express his inner pain. The lines focus on his addictions. He also reminisces on the kinds of friends he has kept and wonders who he can really point out as true to him. Opening with sensational instrumentals, the first lines of the song draw sympathy. […]

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Chuck iNDigo

Chuck iNDigo Comes Through with “Bad to the Bone”

“Mastered my craft faster than some of you ni**as ejaculated, after you masturbated or signed yo’ name on that affidavit…” – quote from “Bad to the Bone” Nashville, Tennessee artist Chuck iNDigo releases new single “Bad to the Bone”, which was produced by A.B Eastwood & Burnie Amsterdam. The song is partnered with a fierce video that represents Chuck’s distinctive style. In the visual, Chuck iNDigo wears a bloody shirts with a sinister look on his face as he delivers […]

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La Dawn

La Dawn Latest Track “Do It for the Cash”

“Back it up and dump it, gotta do it for the cash…” – quote from “Do It for the Cash” Even without the patriarchal support of corporate music companies, La Dawn has independently launched her next hit track “Do It for the Cash”. In the song, La Dawn showcases her rare talent as a rapper and hip hop singer. The mind-blowing bass beats, coupled with the lyrics, and all of the artist’s energy makes “Do It for the Cash” completely […]

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FTF Double A

FTF Double A Drops a Hot Hit Single “Better Me”

“Talk to God, get down on my knees, I know shi* ain’t guaranteed, but I’m just tryna to be a better me…” – quote from “Better Me” FTF Double A has just dropped a hot single he titled “Better Me”. He explains that the song is dedicated to his growth and maturity as a man. He specifically attributes the song’s inspiration to come from his new fatherly role and everything it would require of him to be there for his […]

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Anthony Rhyne

Anthony Rhyne Releases New Song “Vibing”

“Baby you look real nice, I wanna hit it twice, come and put your body on me, we got chemistry…” – quote from “Vibing” Through thick and thin, Anthony Rhyne has glamorously stepped into spotlight as a talented R&B singer. He is also known as the “Memphis King of R&B”. And he really never had it smooth earlier in life. However, with unrelenting hard work and his God-given vocal blessing, he has successfully scaled through his rough years. Right now, […]

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K.I.N.G. The MC

K.I.N.G. the MC Releases “Die Lost” from Latest Album

“These streets is gruesome, I ain’t wanna be the one that introduce ‘em. It ain’t easy, ain’t no freebies, see that fast money, quick to jump to conclusions…” – quote from “Die Lost” Nashville, TN artist K.I.N.G. the MC just dropped a new song titled “Die Lost” from his latest album “The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.” In this track, he gives his fans insight into how life is in his city. He delivers an aggressive flow with words that […]

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