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Big Keezy

Big Keezy Released New Song “Really In It” ft JD

“Went broke and then got me a bag, you sit around looking sad…” – quote from “Really In It” Big Keezy previously released a new track called “Really In It” featuring JD. “Really In It” is crafty and gritty lyrics about the harsh streets of St. Louis, MO. Both of these artists put together charismatic flows for an unforgettable track. Check out “Really In It” and leave your thoughts below.

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Jordan Baumstark

Jordan Baumstark Drops Visual for “Too Long”

“I ain’t never comin’ back, I’m gone, been waiting on the shi* too long…” – quote from “Too Long” Jordan Baumstark recently dropped “Too Long”. In this nice track, Jordan focuses more on the delivery of his lyrics and the meaning of the song. The calm demeanor is balanced out with an interesting beat. The song is about how Jordan has come a long way and the effort it took – too much to go back to square one. Video shot […]

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iLL CHiLDREN Releases “GAS UP”

“She will never leave me, I always gas her up with no heat…” – quote from “GAS UP” Talented Cleveland/St. Louis hip-hop group iLL CHiLDREN are back to create a buzz in the music industry with their new music video entitled “GAS UP”. This groups comprises of the Cleveland producer and rapper combo, Chef Plug Pronto, Hunter Williams and St. Louis duo Tigre and Nolo. Together they have produced some the most fantastic songs anyone can think of, and they […]

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Luh Kel

Luh Kel Unveils Latest Single “Y.O.U.”

“Every time you come around my heart is racing. I’m grinding so hard I gotta make it…” – quote from “Y.O.U.” It is one thing to have begun a music career quite early in life, and it is yet another thing to have a successful record label. This is the case of teenage rapper, Luh Kel. Luh Kel, is a St. Louis, Missouri native who takes to the stage to publicly express his love for R&B. Having begun his music […]

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Roland Page

Roland Page “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”

Roland Sato Page has created a new book bordering on fiction alongside first hand details from personal experiences he has had. The new author who has lived a pretty interesting life as a St. Louis officer has a story to share with his readers and this is not something you find in the pages of just any book. “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is a tale of living on both sides of the law; upholding and breaking it at the same […]

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Audrey Ends the Year with “Comic Sans” ft Jack Harlow

“I make breakfast for all my pretty foes and my boyfriend look like DiCaprio. I could strike a pose for ya poster bro, get the angle right tho…” – quote from “Comic Sans” Korean-American artist Audrey is back with a stylish new track “Comic Sans” featuring St. Louis rapper Jack Harlow. The New Jersey artist who is still reeling from the accolades in her previous song “Paper” is doing something pretty fun and upbeat with this track and it is […]

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