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David Daudin

David Daudin “C’est La Vie” ft Audrey West and Truly Def

“They keep taking shots at us, but none of it ever matters, because my drive is bullet proof and I won’t slow down for none of you…” – quote from “C’est La Vie” Orlando rap artist, David Daudin, has just dropped a hit banger in collaboration with two other hip hop artists – Audrey West and Truly Def. The song is titled “C’est La Vie” and is a complete expression of the artists’ personalities. “C’est La Vie” represents the very […]

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RedRum Brings the Heat with “On Fire”

“Extinction level event when I gets the urge. Black out, my spaz game, power gets to surge. Diesel in my lungs, where the sourness occurs. Get ate up and sh*t out, devoured in the purge…” – quote from “On Fire” Orlando-based duo RedRum from the Pedigree Entertainment label drops heat with their enthusiastic single titled “On Fire”. The track comes from the group’s upcoming project “The Lucifer Effect”, which doesn’t have a release date at this time. “On Fire” is […]

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Talii Preaches Body Positivity and Confidence in New Song “Thickness”

“I hit you with the thickness; I’ve been working on my fitness yeah, so hurry home with the quickness. You know I’m giving you a feel. I know you like it cos it’s real…” – quote from “Thickness” Photo Credit: Graham Oakley STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/taliimusic/thickness/s-Y1klV Talii takes on an approach of positivity and acceptance to one of the most discussed and labored societal topics; body and beauty. In her latest song “Thickness”, the artist celebrates body positivity, acceptance and confidence in […]

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