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Skylar Blatt

Skylar Blatt “Urgent Care” Offical Video

“All of this pain scarring my heart, feeling like surgery…” – quote from “Urgent Care” Cincinnati, Ohio artist Skylar Blatt dropped the official video for her vibrant track titled “Urgent Care.” The visual was shot by SO VISUALS. Check it out and leave your thoughts below. FOLLOW SKYLAR BLATT: Instagram Spotify YouTube

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Amiyelle Release New Single “Mood” ft The Game

“Said I’d never make it, but I’m up now…” – quote from “Mood” CEO and founder of Pink Box Music Group, Amiyelle drops her new single, “Mood,” featuring rapper, The Game. “Mood” is a song about the image of the Woman Boss. She is a strong, independent working woman. The song talks about her poise, beauty, intelligence, resilience, and femininity. Sometimes, women who work are made to feel like they cannot also have love and be in committed relationships or […]

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Jupiter Gray

Jupiter Gray Drops New Single “Godiva Diva”

“Tell me why I should be going home with you tonight, you only wanna hit my line when you need some actin’ right…” – quote from “Godiva Diva” Passionate artist Jupiter Gray releases the new single “Godiva Diva.” The track stands as a formidable anthem to Trans empowerment. It’s exclusively a journey – an artful and electric embellishment filled with fast, trash-talking, provocative proclamations of power and resonate statements of independence. “Godiva Diva” represents the true inner strength of Jupiter’s […]

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Kash Doll

Kash Doll & DJ Infamous Drop “Bad Azz” ft. Mulatto

“Big Birkin bag, on a broke bi*ch, YSL with Chanel and some more shi*…” – quote from “Bad Azz” The new single “Bad Azz” just dropped by Kash Doll and DJ Infamous featuring Mulatto and Benny The Butcher is a high beat smack-down audio that gets you in the mood for some energetic twerking. Released via Infamy/BMG/Republic Records, the verses are well-worn to accommodate your affection for charismatic bars and everything in between. DJ Infamous brings in a fresh style […]

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Peat Lynch

Peat Lynch Drops New Track “No Fear”

“I’ve been moving up and now it’s time to switch gears, they can’t ever see, now they see so clear…” – quote from “No Fear” Up and coming Ohio rapper, Peat Lynch, recently dropped a new track titled “No Fear”. The song is featured on his latest album called “Floodwall”, which is a follow up from his debut album “Dolla 6ix”. “No Fear” is all about confidence and acting on things without deliberation.  Peat rapped his verse at the age […]

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Paydro Is Shaking It Up With “Street Blessings”

“With a bankroll and a beeper, make them haters some believers, boy I’m just fine ice ion see the time, make it rain in g5 money long like vine…” – quote from “Street Blessings” Cincinnati‘s own Paydro is shaking up the streets with his new single “Street Blessings” produced by Yung Lan. In “Street Blessings”, Paydro peeks into his life as a street veteran. His blessings came from the streets and rats are not allowed. This is a story that […]

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Kyd Knarly

Kyd Knarly Releases 5th Single “Best For You”

“I remember bad days, going through my worse phase, brother caught his first case, I pray for him to be straight…” – quote from “Best For You” Canton, Ohio music artist Kyd Knarly releases his 5th single titled “Best For You”, which was produced by Ghost Kasen. In “Best For You”, Kyd Knarly drops heartfelt rhymes on a hard-hitting beat as he speaks on the struggles of life on the road while providing for his young daughters, promising to do […]

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Tae Hood

Tae Hood Drops Music Video for “Hol’ On”

“I go anywhere with my chains on, a ni*** try me, they get rained on, it’s a cold world, so the flame on…” – quote from “Hol’ On” The easy hook of the song is probably what will get you the most. “Hol’ On” by Tae Hood is a song with an upbeat, steady flow. Not so much for dance, but more for motivation, it’s a nice selection when you’re driving, working out at home, or doing outdoor chores. With […]

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Ronin Halloway

Ronin Halloway Releases Dynamic Single “THANOS”

“B*tch I’m in my prime, look me in my eyes…say it from my chest, turn this water into wine..” – quote from “THANOS” Cincinnati, Ohio music artist, Ronin Halloway, recently dropped a video to his single “THANOS”. The track has an interesting and unique rap instrumental and Ronin flows on it aggressively. “THANOS” is straightforward, as is the music video, which was shot by Nick Federinko and Bradley Thompson, and edited by Bradley Thompson. The visual shows various close-up shots […]

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Tay Da Prince and John Legend

Tay Da Prince “Love One Another” ft John Legend

“We need to love one another, need to hug one another, we sell drugs to each other, a brother will say he love, but he’ll still kill you…” – quote from “Love One Another” “Love One Another” is a socially educative song by conscious artist Tay Da Prince featuring John Legend. For a song that was inspired by issues like gun violence and racism, it would have been easy for Tay Da Prince to deliver a gloomy, angry message about […]

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