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Four Black Women Who Defied the Odds

Photo Credit: Fubiz It won’t be wrong if I say black women are responsible for all the colors in this world. They were once discriminated because of their color but they kept on doing the good work and molded the world around them in a better way. They have achieved many landmarks accomplished many milestones. Here are four black women who defied the odds and changed the world forever. 4. Serena Williams   In a male dominated sport like Tennis, […]

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Nina Simone

Nina Simone – GRID Magazine Black History

Photo Credit: Amazing Nina Documentary Film, LLC Nina Simone is one of the finest musicians the world has ever seen. The trendsetter had the ability to ignite wild hearts through her music. Here are four lesser known facts about Nina Simone “Nina Simone” wasn’t her real name Yes, you’ve heard it right, Nina Simone wasn’t her real name. She was born as Eunice Wayman but changed her name to Nina Simone when she started singing so she could hide her […]

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