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Mophead TBC

Mophead TBC Is Back At It with “Groovy” ft Shells Macc

“We shootas, no half time…” – quote from “Groovy” Brooklyn artist, Mophead TBC, paired with Shells Mac to create a new single called “Groovy”. The instrumental and lyrics on this track makes you want to be exactly what the title is, groovy. The drill beat catches your ear, the lyrics are nice, and Mophead’s flow goes well along with it. The “Groovy” music video is full of distortion including blue backgrounds and close ups of Mophead TBC. MOPHEAD TBC “DAMAGE” […]

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Gen Bello

Gen Bello Sings from the Heart in “Dear Mom”

“I been working 8 to 3 you see, I’m trying to make you proud, I wanna build this family, but listen I got these other plans, just know that I got you…” – quote from “Dear Mom” New York City songbird Gen Bello just released an extraordinary track dedicated to her mother called “Dear Mom”. In “Dear Mom”, Gen delivers gentle sweet melodic tunes on top of a pleasant flute infused  instrumental as she expresses her gratitude to her mother […]

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G4 Boyz

G4 Boyz “Local Scammer” Remix ft Ivorian Doll

“Insert dat swipe, input pin clone ting, only statements my names on is bank transfers in, move that money to the offshore, got my legal team and they’re top draw…” – quote from “Local Scammer” New York’s dynamic duo, G4 Boyz, is back at it again with another version of their underground hit song “Local Scammer”. This time they feature British upcoming rapper and drill queen, Ivorian Doll. Ivorian said, “I loved this record as soon as I first heard […]

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Orrin Stuns the Music Scene with New Single “MTV”

“I hit the wall and everything in it, I’m at the line but I ain’t finished…” – quote from “MTV” Fast-Rising Brooklyn artist, Orrin, has just dropped a hot song he titled “MTV”. The song is a melodious replica of Orrin’s musical talent which has been his substance of uniqueness in the music scene. So far, the song has caught the attention of thousands of hip hop fans, and has come around to expand the artist’s fan network like never […]

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Mophead TBC

Mophead TBC Drops Music Video for “Damage”

“40 do damage, he need a bandage…” – quote from “Damage” Up and coming Brooklyn Artist, Mophead TBC, is an unsigned rapper that has recently caught the attention of a few big labels. As a result of his grind, he has a long career in store for him. In summer of 2019, Mophead TBC became familiar with the studio life through unusual circumstances. He connected with a musically gifted group hailing from the Cooper Projects in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The group […]

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King Eli

King Eli Unleashes His Latest Hit Track “Flashy”

“Flashy, she like it nasty, she gone buss it open in the backseat, we gettin’ classic…” – quote from “Flashy” “Flashy” is King Eli’s latest hit track that is currently leaving Brooklyn City frenzied. The hit track is simply a voice replication of what King Eli expects out of life, as well as his awesome and captivating rap pattern. And just like every other song of the Brooklyn artist, “Flashy” has its unique way of getting a crowd of audience […]

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G4 Boyz and Chief Keef

G4 Boyz ft Chief Keef “Local Scammer”

“Insert card, I’m online, sufficient funds in the swipe. Service fees too high, KMT, that’s a third of the swipe. African boy, that’s me, you won’t catch me with no dead CC…” – quote from “Local Scammer” Chief Keef Photo Credit: glenjamn3 This time, the New York-based artists, Ice Baby and Buggy, better known as G4 Boyz, are on the airwaves with the multiplatinum Chicago drill superstar Chief Keef, adding a dynamic style to this irresistible anthem. The latest release […]

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Bre SwaGz

Bre SwaGz Drops Track from New EP Titled “Twenty20”

“We both grind, we both shine, from CA to NY, I’m NY, she LA, she fly in…” – quote from “Twenty20” New York rap artist Bre SwaGz drops the 7th track from her second EP “Most Doubted 2”. The EP was completed at the end of 2019 and the song represents her feelings entering 2020. When describing the song Bre SwaGz said, “My whole mood before I knew there would be a global pandemic and a much needed revolution. I […]

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Yury Releases Track from New EP “Follow the Habits”

“That ain’t love, ain’t no trust, that’s truth…” – quote from “Follow the Habits” New York artist Yury recently dropped another hit song from his EP “Expedited” called “Follow the Habits”, which he produced, mixed, and mastered himself.  In “Follow the Habits” he uses his talent to create a combination of futuristic sounds that he manipulated to deliver his own unique trap sound as he drops hard-hitting bass to complement his flow.  YURY “LESS” After living in 4 countries, Yury […]

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B. Morgan

B. Morgan Releases New Sound “You Know The Vibes”

“I’m from the bottom, took too many loses, now I’m up, fill my cup, grab my nuts, I deserve it…” – quote from “You Know The Vibes” The Bronx native, singer and songwriter B. Morgan is known for his incredible sound and lyrics and doesn’t disappoint in his new hit single “You Know The Vibes”. Since the release of his debut track “L.A.M” in August of 2019, the R&B Singer has been going strong and higher in the spotlight ever […]

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