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Duchi Da Vinchi

Duchi Da Vinchi & Asian Doll Team Up on “Lonely Fuck”

“She will ride the wave for some wages, a quick vacation dripping in the spaceship…” – quote from “Lonely Fuck” Lyrically talented New York City artist, Duchi Da Vinchi has collaborated with the sonorous rapper Asian Doll on this new hit single “Lonely Fuck”. “Lonely Fuck” is a beef track thrown at toxic people and clout chasers all over the world, and Asian Dolls’ symphony in the opening verse creates the perfect atmosphere for Duchi Da Vinchi’s hard-hitting delivery on […]

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Bry Drops Party Song Titled “Sipping”

“What type of time you on? Don’t know what shi* I’m on, I’m way too lit right now, I’ll tell you later on…” – quote from “Sipping” Hip hop rapper/producer, Bry, just recently dropped a new track titled “Sipping”. In “Sipping”, Bry combine fast raps on top of a fast pace beat that will get you in the mood for clubbing and parting. Bry was born and grew up in the Bronx, the borough of New York, where he started […]

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Ras Mensah

Ras Mensah Releases Follow Up Single “Mad At Me”

“Money talk, I’m the bread winner, I’m the big dog, but Imma young n***, pull them plates off like we serving dinner…” – quote from “Mad At Me” Miami, Florida recording artist and producer Ras Mensah just dropped a follow up single “Mad At Me” after the release of his album “King Mensah”. In “Mad At Me”, Ras Mensah spits fire bars on top of a drill beat as he talks about his come up and success while others stand […]

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Keys FTV

Keys FTV Releases a Party Banger Track “Flexin”

“No, I ain’t tryna pressure baby, I see you on yo’ shi*, look how you stepping baby…” – quote from “Flexin” If you’re looking for a rap track to help infuse some vibrant energy into your party, then turn to Keys FTV’s latest track “Flexin”. “Flexin” is a lively New York-produced hip hop track that speaks volume of Keys rap talents. It is also a thrilling hit song that promises to send the entire town into party mode with its […]

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Rich Milano

Rich Milano Drops Melodic Song “Tactical”

“I been going through some thangs, tryna see my ni** winning, we gone make it out these trenches, all my diamonds, they glisten, got ni*** all up in they feelings…” – quote from “Tactical” Young up and coming Brooklyn artist, Rich Milano, just recently released his new track titled “Tactical”. In “Tactical”, Rich delivers a nice melodic flow on top of a beat with a hard hitting bass line, and talks about his plans of coming up out of the […]

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Holy Moe

Holy Moe Spills Reality in His New Release “No BEEF”

“Two different hustles, same grind, we tryna count a few mill, cut a few deals, you know that it’s game time…” – quote from “No BEEF” Holy Moe’s new song “No BEEF” is a blend of reality and a promise. In it, he talked about how artists tend to lose the people that really care about them. The tendency is to roll more with people that only pretend to care because of what they stand to gain. The sensational rap […]

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Day Lee

Day Lee Unleashes the Video of Single “Bad Vibes”

“Lately I’ve been feelin’ all these bad vibes, you don’t ever ever want to act right. I don’t want you round me with them bad vibes, hard to say that when you live the fast life…” – quote from “Bad Vibes” Dynamic trap singer, Day Lee, has just released the music video of his hit track “Bad Vibes”. The video is simply a plus to the fact that the song, just like most of the artist’s releases, is currently making […]

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City Morgue Releases SosMula’s Video for “YAKUZA”

“I got sticks, they don’t jam, I got scripts of them Xans, takin’ trips to Japan…” – quote from “YAKUZA” The track “YAKUZA” is a solo effort by SosMula on City Morgue’s mixtape titled “TOXIC BOOGALOO”. SosMula rages with his squad in the video as he dynamically attacks the beat. SOSMULA “V12” “TOXIC BOOGALOO” was a huge victory for New York’s grimiest duo pioneering their own lane of rap and rock. The 10 track project made it to #96 Billboard […]

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Dro Era

Dro Era Releases New Video for “No Favors”

“Nothing was easy, nothing was handed, I had a blueprint, watch how I planned it…” – quote from “No Favors” Brooklyn hip hop artist Duo Era just released a visual for his latest single titled “No Favors”. In “No Favors” Dro Era speaks on his struggles throughout life and how people told him that he would never be successful. Through hard work and determination you can definitely have all that you dream of. The black and white visual was directed […]

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Alex Mali

Alex Mali Takes R&B a Notch Higher with “Control”

“I can’t control my mind, Ginger and Rum combine. Tell the DJ I want to feel it, turn the speakers up let me feel it…” – quote from “Control” “Control” is Alex Mali’s follow-up to her acclaimed EP, “Sweet and Sour”. The song is a delightful combination of dancehall vibes and crossover hip-hop. With this song, Alex Mali leaves her listeners with no other option than to get to the dance floor and boogie down, thanks to the trance-like flow […]

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