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Rahli Features Kevin Gates in “Do Dirt Alone”

“Do dirt alone so only i can tell on me, they said only way the doctors could tell who it was by teeth…” – quote from “Do Dirt Alone” While still in the middle of the media and online buzz created by his songs and collaborations with leading music artists, St. Louis emcee, Rahli, has just released another music video in collaboration with Kevin Gates. The song is titled “Do Dirt Alone”, and its video was shot on the streets […]

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Big Keezy

Big Keezy Released New Song “Really In It” ft JD

“Went broke and then got me a bag, you sit around looking sad…” – quote from “Really In It” Big Keezy previously released a new track called “Really In It” featuring JD. “Really In It” is crafty and gritty lyrics about the harsh streets of St. Louis, MO. Both of these artists put together charismatic flows for an unforgettable track. Check out “Really In It” and leave your thoughts below.

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Ms.Erikka Drops new Song “Shots Fired”

“So unapologetic, yeah I said, don’t regret it…” Kansas City, Missouri artist Ms.Erikka is dishing out the “rules of the game” to all the fakies around her. Best known for her hardcore explicit lyrics, Ms.Erikka, doesn’t sweat it as she goes hard and wide in her latest track. The talented artist, who calls her style of music “unapologetic” has been singing for as long as she could remember. Her fiery blend of soul and R&B never fails to hit the […]

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2 Times

2 Times Hits the Airwaves with “Ain’t Livin Right”

“Like Popeye fu*ked up my order, I’m gettin’ his chicken right…” – quote from “Ain’t Livin Right” The list of young, notable music talents in Kansas City would not be complete if 2 Times is not included in it. The young rapper is super-talented and knows how to take rap to a whole new level. Through the influence of his cousin, Kings Keys, 2 Times began expressing his passion for rap at quite a tender age. He further dedicated extra […]

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Lando Drops Hit Song “Intro-Vert”

“I be so fly when I’m in a airport, I’m gone hop on a plane and they gone let me fly it…” – quote from “Intro-Vert” If you’re out to hear an emcee whose voice and flow are as original and unique as you’ve never seen, then Lando is your man. Lando is a Cape Girardeau, Missouri native whose rap talents are extraordinary. He is exceedingly talented such that irrespective of the beat, he knows how to rap along the […]

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Mizznekol and DJ Sleepybeatz

Mizznekol Drops Latest Hit “Rooftops” ft DJ Sleepybeatz

“My whole squad keep winning, we gone say what we feel, solid team we gone build, soldiers out in the field…” – quote from “Rooftops” Mizznekol is a Kansas City based emcee whose efforts and hard work have got things going the music way in her city. Through her self-owned and self-managed music label The Grind is Real Entertainment, she has been able to pave the way for up and coming Missouri artists. Establishing the label in 2014, and being […]

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Jesse Pringle

The Outlaw Jesse Pringle Drops Latest Hit “She Good”

“She’ll have you waking up in the morning, and have you clocking out every time that she call. Damn she gonna tear me down, but damn she looking good right now…” – quote from “She Good” Photo Credit: David Bram As his name suggests, The Outlaw Jesse Pringle has proven to be an outlaw when it comes to R&B. His songs have always stood out among others in the industry. Being a SAG/Aftra actor and a successful screenwriter, Jesse consistently […]

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Jordan Baumstark

Jordan Baumstark Drops Visual for “Too Long”

“I ain’t never comin’ back, I’m gone, been waiting on the shi* too long…” – quote from “Too Long” Jordan Baumstark recently dropped “Too Long”. In this nice track, Jordan focuses more on the delivery of his lyrics and the meaning of the song. The calm demeanor is balanced out with an interesting beat. The song is about how Jordan has come a long way and the effort it took – too much to go back to square one. Video shot […]

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CWG Drops New Video “daGOAT”

“You calling me daddy, you probably related…” – quote from “daGOAT” Kansas City born and bred music artist CWG believed in himself and his music talents when very few others did, and was ready to give all he had to make headway in the music industry. https://youtu.be/yteAiZLw6OU Owing to his root and upbringing, no one would have thought CWG would have as many as two people give audience to his songs. Nevertheless, he scaled through whatever limitations that confronted him. […]

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Luh Kel

Luh Kel Unveils Latest Single “Y.O.U.”

“Every time you come around my heart is racing. I’m grinding so hard I gotta make it…” – quote from “Y.O.U.” It is one thing to have begun a music career quite early in life, and it is yet another thing to have a successful record label. This is the case of teenage rapper, Luh Kel. Luh Kel, is a St. Louis, Missouri native who takes to the stage to publicly express his love for R&B. Having begun his music […]

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