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Campaign Girt

Campaign Girt Talks About Struggle in “Thinking Bout You”

“Had to stay down till I came up, real ni*** didn’t change up. I done got my change up one time to get my name up…” – quote from “Thinking Bout You” Memphis rapper Campaign Girt recently dropped his new gritty single, “Thinking Bout You.” In the track, Girt speaks about his adventures and adversity growing up and hustling. He represents all the ghettos in America. WATCH VIDEO Check out “Thinking Bout You” and vibe with Campaign Girt. Listen to […]

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Vevo Announces Healy’s DSCVR Performance of “Nikes On”

“Why time got his Nikes on? Runnin’ so fast, you gon’ kill someone…” – quote from “Nikes On” Vevo, music video network, announced the release of Healy’s performance of “Nikes On” off his new album “Tungsten.” The Memphis-native dropped “Tungsten” in January of 2021 and said, “I’ve spent my whole life running from who I’m becoming. I finally took off my armor and made this project. It’s as vulnerable as it is understated—and it’s not perfect, but it’s me.” Performing […]

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CashCount Leen

CashCount Leen Drops Track out of Frustration “Hoes”

“I don’t wanna date now she poking holes in a n*** shi*…” – quote from “Hoes” Breakout music artist from Memphis, CashCount Leen, drops his new single “Hoes.” He made the song out of frustration when his ex-girlfriend tried to have affairs with his closest friends and become a threat to his infant career. She threatened his life cause he no longer wanted a relationship with her. CashCount Leen, aka “Big Count,” burst onto the music scene with a passion […]

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FCG Heem

FCG Heem Releases New Single “Beef” ft Pooh Shiesty

“I’m paranoid, no, I can’t trust a soul, I’m ridin’ ’round with that Drac’…” – quote from “Beef” FCG Heem recently released his brand new single “Beef” featuring Pooh Shiesty via Republic Records. He also announced his latest project, “Neighborhood Poetry,” which is due to be released on May 21st. In “Beef,” through the mist of 808s, Heem breaks the haunting beat with hard bars. Then, Platinum-certified Memphis marauder Pooh Shiesty comes in with a menacing verse and leaves on […]

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NLE Choppa and Big Sean

NLE Choppa Unveils Video for “Moonlight” ft Big Sean

Photo Credit: Bryson Johnson/Big Sean “We trappin’ in the moonlight, we get the bag on the same day, the same night…” – quote from “Moonlight” Late last year NLE Choppa released a 13 track project titled “From Dark To Light” that included a collaboration with Big Sean. Together, they made a song called “Moonlight”, and just dropped a new visual for it today. The video takes place in a haunted-looking house with a dim setting, floating objects, a crystal ball, […]

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Shocktown Drops Single “Sauce Wok” ft Blac Youngsta

“My diamonds so cold I’m feeling kind of blitz, burr…” – quote from “Sauce Wok” Newham’s very on Shocktown teams up with rapper Blac Youngsta for a dance-heavy new single titled “Sauce Wok”. “Sauce Wok” is coupled with an animated visual that brings the song to life. Check it out, and it will definitely bring out the inner child in you. Shocktown made his way in the music industry from freestyling. The London artist’s collaborations with well-established artists have magnified […]

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MDS Bella

MDS Bella Drops “Money Money” ft Nesha Deshaun

“And I’m on that money shi*, so they gone say I’m on that funny shi*…” – quote from “Money Money” South Memphis artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, and community activist, MDS Bella, just recently dropped an inspirational track titled “Money Money”. “Money Money” is an empowering song, and the message is for women to put themselves first when it comes to their finances, and not to allow a relationship to take their focus off earning enough money to support themselves. MDS Bella […]

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Kevo Muney

Kevo Muney Drops New Single “YES”

“One day we gon’ fade away, we gotta turn up ’til our last day, I prayed to God, he told me change my dirty ways, when I pull up to her house, I’m in and out, she know I don’t never stay…” – quote from “YES” Memphis melodic rapper Kevo Muney just releases a track titled “YES” following last month’s “Amen” featuring Kevin Gates. In “YES”, Kevo goes back to his roots of South Memphis with deep down south sound. […]

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Kevo Muney

Kevo Muney & Kevin Gates Releases “Amen”

“Let the church say amen, bless the street with this music I love my fans, I don’t read the Bible, big books in my pants, and I got power, no fifty cents in my hand…” – quote from “Amen” Kevo Muney brings something new to the hip hop scene with this new release, “Amen”. The song features Baton Rouge, Louisiana multi-platinum artist Kevin Gates and this time, they joined forces to take us to church! The hustle and struggles of […]

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Joe the Truth

Joe the Truth Drops “Testimony”, A Song About Untold Pain

“Didn’t wanna talk about pain, but this pain hurt so deeply, if I gotta go then Lord take me when I’m sleeping…” – quote from “Testimony” Joe the Truth releases new song titled “Testimony” to express his inner pain. The lines focus on his addictions. He also reminisces on the kinds of friends he has kept and wonders who he can really point out as true to him. Opening with sensational instrumentals, the first lines of the song draw sympathy. […]

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