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Ayotemi Teams Up With Foolie $urfin on “New Jam”

“Y’all bullshi* while I sip my tea on, I don’t sip no syrup, I lean on…” – quote from “New Jam” Maryland trap artist Foolie $urfin’s incredible bass and Ayotemi’s hypnotic flow in “New Jam” is too much for one to conceive in a song at once. In the track, they rewind the intro to the beginning, giving listeners time to get acclimated and takes them on a warm, exciting ride. Ayotemi is an independent Nigerian-American artist and songwriter who […]

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Streytup Swerves in His New Track “7 Figures”

“Is you gucci? Never gone wife up a hoochie, swerve her, and I’m swerving, like I just got my new learners permit…” – quote from “7 Figures” Streytup went out of his way to direct and edit his own music video for his new track, “7 Figures.” The PG County, Maryland artist drops music consistently on Spotify, so be sure to add him to your playlist and follow him on social media below. FOLLOW STREYTUP: Instagram Spotify SoundCloud

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JahLike Releases “Over It”

“Just focus on ideas, build your plan, tighten yo’ shi* up, don’t come out playin’…” – quote from “Over It” DMV artist JahLike recently released a new single titled “Over It”. In “Over It”, JahLike talks about how serious life is. JahLike is a play on words, meaning “God” like, being honest and humble about all of his experiences. FOLLOW JAHLIKE: Instagram Facebook SoundCloud Spotify Deezer Apple Music

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Jimani Luv

Jimani Luv Expresses Pain in “Amphetamine”

“Real drugs are things real people just take to breathe, poppin’ addies, gain that knowledge, girl get that degree…” – quote from “Amphetamine” In this sad song “Amphetamine”, Jimani Luv uses the power of music to communicate her struggles.  She sings about not understanding what real love meant at the period, and not having anyone to stand with her. In such times, it’s easier to get back on one’s feet if someone cares and looks out but not everyone is […]

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LloydThe2nd Drops Energetic Track “Menace”

“I’m just tryna stay up off the scene, keep on grinding, stack my green, I don’t know what lies ahead of me…” – quote from “Menace” LloydThe2nd is back with his latest hit called “Menace. “Menace” is an energetic motivational track about getting your bread up and staying out the way. The song is coupled with a video that incorporates scenes from the movie “Menace To Society”, which makes it so intriguing. LLOYDTHE2ND “DO IT LARGE” LloydThe2nd hails from PG […]

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Akilah Divine

Akilah Divine Soothes the World With Her “Tribe” Track

“But y’all still just won’t pay attention, too busy flexing on Instagram for those who don’t give a damn…” – quote from “Tribe” In a period of worldwide uncertainty and affliction as now, Akilah Divine has just becalmed her fans with her latest track “Tribe” . The song is simply a loud reminder that keeps beckoning on people to keep the courage growing. And Akilah’s performance in it is simply the spark people need to keep firing on. “Tribe” was […]

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LloydThe2nd Exceeds Expectations in “Do It Large”

“I know you want me to fail, you ni** want me to starve, I know you really wanna see me get boxed in, I’m ready to spark…” – quote from “Do It Large” Rising Maryland artist, LloydThe2nd, drops new song titled “Do It Large”. “Do It Large” is all about out doing you and exceeding all expectations. It’s the perfect blend of hip hop and trap over a hard hitting instrumentation. LloydThe2nd’s music is the definition of “product of your […]

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StillJune Drops Single “We In Ours” ft Corey Jones

“Time with you is better spent, siting back with you, absorbing your intelligence…” – quote from “We In Ours” Maryland artist StillJune just recently dropped a hot track titled “We In Ours” featuring Corey Jones. “We In Ours” was produced by Komo Beats and is one out of 11 features from his latest album “Conflicts of Life”. In the song, StillJune spits lyrics about the perfect woman who is a combination of a partner and friend while Corey Jones accompanies […]

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