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Willie Spence

Willie Spence Reveals Soulful Tune “So Gone”

“Baby, you and I, when we’re together I feel so alive, you’re the only one I love and what I need babe…” – quote from “So Gone” Atlanta-based singer Willie Spence just released his new song titled “So Gone.” On a warm beat with soulful vocals, Willie touches on how a person can be so in love that they are “so gone”. When speaking on the song, he explained, “I was used to writing about heartbreak, but I wanted to […]

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Luh Kel

Luh Kel Unveils Latest Single “Y.O.U.”

“Every time you come around my heart is racing. I’m grinding so hard I gotta make it…” – quote from “Y.O.U.” It is one thing to have begun a music career quite early in life, and it is yet another thing to have a successful record label. This is the case of teenage rapper, Luh Kel. Luh Kel, is a St. Louis, Missouri native who takes to the stage to publicly express his love for R&B. Having begun his music […]

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