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B Howard

“Lose Control” by B. Howard featuring Siggy Deals Jackson

“You got me feeling alive. This is the feeling I like. I’ll be the one that you want. I’ll be the man in your life …” – quote from “Lose Control” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/17avsc7jBzFnU8WAb9Q7fz Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Brandon Howard began his music career after he got inspired by “Tears for Fears” and “A-Ha” videos he came across on MTV. Having come from a music-oriented background, Howard embarked on his first musical endeavor alongside Gerald Levert in Ohio […]

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Dwilly Delivers Energetic Debut Single “Assassin” Featuring FRND and JELEEL!

“Tell all your friends you’re just confused, that you left me for dead when you fill my heart with… like I’m a target and you’re the assassin…” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/0vd2RIgvn5E03lykcVyd3K Los Angeles based producer, songwriter and instrumentalist Dwilly has just released his debut single for Big Beats Records and it is titled “Assassin”. The banging new track goes far and beyond one genre as it incorporates electronic music, trap, hip-hop and emo in a high energy delivery that hits you just […]

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Vee Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane in “Sober”

“Started from the bottom now we balling. Moving to LA to find a calling. Working every night, every day I don’t know what the time is… So many distractions and we trynna fight it, parties all around and we always invited…” – quote from “Sober” STREAM: https://song.link/album/sc/782106702 Siberian artist Vee is taking his fans on a trip down memory lane in his new song “Sober”. The artist reminisces of a time where he not only struggled to find a place […]

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Tanner Howe

“Hurts Like Heaven” by Tanner Howe

“Hurts like heaven every time you come around, every time you shoot me down, falling so hard I go straight through the ground…” – quote from “Hurts Like Heaven” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/3hx9nIGPpjqcf1uI1F7jod Los Angeles artist Tanner Howe just released his latest song “Hurts Like Heaven”, which landed as a top hit song on many hip hop playlists. In the song, he collaborated with Ryan Ramirez to explain about the hurtful relationships people keep going back to despite the hurt they experience […]

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Artistnameleon Make Waves with “GO”

“Still going numb and it’s midnight, party ain’t a party less we get right…go, go, freeze, go, up, down, fast, slow…” – quote from “GO” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/track/47y8BrwW7lCA4VWUyGYhTN There’s no experience as beautiful as discovering your passion and then making huge progress with the effort you put into it. This is the case of Apex Leon, known as Artistnameleon, a Valdosta raised rapper and hip-hop artist whose transition to singing plunged him into an ocean of passion he never realized existed. […]

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Neaks Takes Fans on a Journey as he Features Kye Hefner in New Single “Fallen”

“Do you got what it takes? Can you wear the hat bro? Sold shirts on the street just to eat, we was mad broke…” – quote from “Fallen” STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/neaksworld/fallen Los Angeles based rapper, singer and songwriter Neaks has raised the curtains to a different kind of hip-hop with his new track “Fallen”. The recording artist and musician has opened up as a dancer for artists like Tyga, LMFAO, Shwayze and Chris Young and has worked with artists like Ne-Yo, […]

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