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DBangz Releases Dynamic Track “Medusa”

“Hold up, don’t make me get up from the throne that I’m sitting on, Imma be really mad cause I just don’t give a fu**…” – quote from “Medusa” DBangz just dropped a brand new track titled “Medusa”. With “Medusa”, along with other previously released singles “Prove” and “Been A Long Time”, the Los Angeles-based emcee is sure to usher into a new lane of credibility. Produced by Replay, the sound brings a sense of reminiscence of the 90’s era […]

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Asha Imuno and Gidi

Asha Imuno Reveals Single “CAVIAR” ft Gidi

“We double back and flood his spot like it’s the thang to do…” – quote from “CAVIAR” “CAVIAR” is the second single from Asha Imuno’s upcoming album “4AD imprint b4”. The song is his first collaboration with fellow member Gidi of the Raised by the Internet collective. About the song, Imuno says, “CAVIAR is the first time people get to hear how far Gidi and I push each other to make something hard and charismatic. We made this record right […]

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GYYPS Makes Music Video for His Single “Cocinero”

“Roley Bezel for my dogs with the rocks in it, always kept it solid who was down to see it, shorty p*ssy poppin I’m a dog in it, french tip’ll make her walk different…” – quote from “Cocinero” GYYPS releases a video for his new track “Cocinero” to tell the story of a hustler who has done a lot of grinding and now sees a need to tell the world about his achievements. More than telling a story, the track […]

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Parris LaVon

Parris LaVon Drops Single “Wanted To Win”

“All my life I only wanted to win, no support, I felt like what is a friend, made a promise I would never pretend to impress a ni***, f** I done it again…” – quote from “Wanted To Win” Parris LaVon has just gifted the world a generous dose of his upcoming “Perfect Choice” project. He has just released “Wanted To Win”, which happens to be the debut single from the project. The song was released during a very tough […]

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GYYPS Unleashes Bob Ross Personality in “YY (Drop Til It Pop)”

“Led her to my parter she gon’ lead me to her friends, yuh, we like popping’ bottles like they popping perky tens…” – quote from “YY (Drop Til It Pop)” Even amidst the devastating pandemic circumstances, GYYPS has fascinated his fans with a hit song he titled “YY (Drop Til It Pop)”. Right after amassing global streams from over 80 million internet users on his most recent mixtape release, the talented artist now enjoys thousands of following and streams for […]

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IDRYS Drops New Track “Butterfly Hands”

“Butterfly hands, make em fly when I want em to, hit you with that red dot , choppa , when i aim at you…” – quote from “Butterfly Hands” Trap and R&B artist IDRYS drops his latest single “Butterfly Hands”. The song is a warrior’s anthem dedicated to those who are untouchable. In “Butterfly Hands”, IDRYS effortlessly switches from singing melodious tunes to flowing bars, which results in a delivery of energetic sounds that’s exciting and entertaining. The song is […]

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Apiwe Bubu

Apiwe Bubu Infuses Rap with Caribbean in “Can’t Be Like Me”

“They know I got racks, ni**a they know I got swag. Can’t be like me…” – quote from “Can’t Be Like Me” There’s nothing like raw, Caribbean sounds blended with rap in African artist Apiwe Bubu’s new song “Can’t Be Like Me”. Apiwe takes the stage, pushing the boundaries more than ever, as he creates a new cross-section of cultural sounds and rhythms. He uses his unique taste in music to bridge the gap between the two genres. With an […]

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Erik Frank

Erik Frank Show His Versatility in “Anxiety”

“Think twice before saying it, cause your brain might not agree, why you think about other people, old friends, why you never put yourself on first…” – quote from “Anxiety” Uniquely talented singer and songwriter Erik Frank just released a new song called “Anxiety”. In this upbeat single, he displays his versatility by delivering low and high pitched vocals. This is one hit that will be sure to have you up on your feet dancing. When describing the song Erik […]

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Jevon Talks about Injustice in “Can’t Breathe”

“What’re you doing writing checks, why you selling cigarettes, why you trying to resist, hands up, hands up…” – quote from “Can’t Breathe” The Los Angeles based emcee and producer Jevon is known for his witty lyrics and his love for southern trap influence goes back in time to show the widespread unfair treatments of the lives of blacks, which is as long as American’s history. https://youtu.be/aJssxJbgBTY “Can’t Breathe” is a tribute to the murder of George Floyd at the […]

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Mike G

Mike G “Overdrive” ft Gamo & Ash Riser

“Make more of yourself than you can make money, I’m qbert on the block, I stay jumpin’, that’s bass like when 808s come in…” – quote from “Overdrive” Mike G was born and raised in Los Angeles to parents who once served in the marines. As a result of their occupation, the artist was moved about pretty much while growing up. During his teenage years, he began to test several musical grounds before he finally recorded his first single at […]

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