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Daecolm Releases “Hot Topic”

“Bad little baby running through my mind, hot topic. Rappin’ all these feelings on some gang shi*…” – quote from “Hot Topic” South London singer, producer, and songwriter, Daecolm, just released his first single of 2020 titled “Hot Topic.” In the track, Daecolm touches on an unapologetic experience of a relationship with a toxic side. A relationship that you would like to stay in but also get out of. It is an authentic experience of going through something you want […]

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Big Swingz

Big Swingz Releases New Track “Run Outs”

“In the hood I charge minimum tax…” – quote from “Run Outs” East London artist Big Swingz recently dropped a new track titled “Run Outs.” This tune is hard-hitting punchlines from the artist with a smashing beat and catchy chorus. Big Swingz brings songs to life every time he’s involved. His energetic verses and melodic hooks got him on everybody’s radar as one to watch for in the near future. FOLLOW BIG SWINGZ: Instagram Spotify

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Deijuvhs Releases New Track “Freakazoid”

“Keep on hating me, I’m still a freak. They want my everything, my memories…” – quote from “Freakazoid” London’s King of the underground party scene, Deijuvhs, just dropped a new track titled “Freakazoid.” In “Freakazoid,” he raps over angular guitar chopping at intense speed, battling themes of depression, lust, and freedom. The video premiered on Notion Magazine on the day of release, along with an interview. Deijuvhs is a prominent figure of the London music scene that draws together punk […]

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Park Hill

Park Hill Returns with “Broken Promises”

“I was fast asleep when she went through my phone and found a text, she used my fingerprint. She knows that I didn’t stay at the studio the whole weekend, I think this is the end…” – quote from “Broken Promises” Park Hill returns with an emotional guitar lead song titled “Broken Promises.” He paints a vivid picture of a toxic relationship on the brink of collapse. The track is a follow-up from “Early Morning,” featuring M Huncho in January […]

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Ashleigh Bankx

Ashleigh Bankx Unveils Debut Single “Angel”

“How can something so wrong feel so right…” – quote from “Angel” London-based songstress Ashleigh Bankx makes a huge statement at the top of the year with her first official release, “Angel.” The track is a love song with an accompanying visual directed by Lutch Media to set the mood. “Angel” starts off with a voiceover sample from Nina Simone, which leads perfectly into the song. When speaking about the lyric, Ashleigh says, “‘Angel’ is about self-liberation, understanding and valuing […]

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Kyzino Delivers “Family Ties” ft RD3

“And I’m hitting ‘em once, I ain’t gotta call twice…” – quote from “Family Ties” The West London up comer stays true to himself and the environment he’s grown up in, and the message remains potent. West London up comer Kyzino delivers “Family Ties” from his new “Paid & Posted” mixtape. Featuring RD3 on the record, the pair chops it up to produce a serious record. “Family Ties” envelopes Kyzino’s evolution to date and has a confident demeanor to its […]

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Zipporah Drops Official Music Video for “Cake”

“He’s calling my phone, but it’s you that I want, got my cake, I’ll eat it too…” – quote from “Cake” Soulful singer-songwriter Zipporah shares her brand new single, “Cake.” In the track, Zipporah tells the story of being trapped in a love triangle. This scenario’s relatability, combined with the lyrical, rhythmic blues on a smooth, seductive island beat, creates an intimate atmosphere for Zipporah’s fans. Zipporah comes with a unique blend of dancehall, pop, and alternative R&B music. She […]

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Toryia Gives Her Perception on Love in “Outspoken”

“Something’s going on, what you got to hide? Should have known better, feeling so fed up…” – quote from “Outspoken” London singer-songwriter Toryia just released a new song titled “Outspoken.” The track is Toryia’s reflection of her perception of life. She created the piece to reflect that although we live in a society constructed of laws, there’s no guidance when it comes to love. Love is risky and an experience that builds you. Ever since her childhood, Toryia’s dream was […]

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S.L.Y.C.K Releases Video for her Freestyle “Ego”

“Don’t know who you dealing with, that’s right I’m back, yeah I been gone, no cap…” – quote from “Ego” Grime goddess S.L.Y.C.K drops the visuals for her freestyle jam, “Ego.” Her attitude all but shoots out confidence as she spits out the blazing hot bars of her track. “Ego” is all about confidence as seen in a contemporary, young woman who is very much aware of her worth, especially in her field. The track was written and performed by […]

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Kemzi Reveals “Black Monday Freestyle”

“Where you from? I don’t accept loop holes, I do loads…” – quote from “Black Monday Freestyle” United Kingdom artist Kemzi recently revealed “Black Monday Freestyle” (Mixtape Madness exclusive). “Black Monday Freestyle” is based on a 2004 game called The Getaway: Black Monday. It follows the game in speaking on gang life in London. Kemzi is known for his rhymes about the streets. His most recent track has more than 400k views on YouTube, “Mortal Combat” remix, which features UK […]

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