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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Releases Mellow Hit “Oxytocin”

“Where do you run when you know you can’t hide, distance love, trying to keep me outside…” – quote from “Oxytocin” South London artist Benjamin A.D is back with his first hit this year produced by WAVSDNTDIE called “Oxytocin”. In the song he delivers a smooth melodic flow that will relax your mind and get you in a calm mood. The video, which was directed by Ray Fiasco and produced by Yomi Ogunsola, takes place in a home and shows […]

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Max Valentine

Max Valentine Releases Romantic Track “Let Me”

“Aiming for your mental, lights out. You went from a maybe to main squeeze…” – quote from “Let Me” North London artist and songwriter Max Valentine just released a sensual R&B song called “Let Me”, which is about pure love that he wants to give to a significant other. The song shows a side of Max’s versatile skills, as his previous work consisted of rap. “Let Me” was one one of many tracks that was recorded in Los Angeles over […]

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Elisa Imperilee

Elisa Imperilee Releases Single “Sinking”

“Power to the people, Justice for the past, One time for the present…while we’ve got the chance, Cause we’re all connected and the future’s in our hands…” – quote from “Sinking” Elisa Imperilee, a London artist, recently released a single, “Sinking”. The track is soothing with a smooth beat, the lyrics, and Elisa’s unique voice. She rides and dominates the beat with her flow and runs the entire song. The cover art for the single is interesting, as it shows […]

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AV Allure

AV Allure teams up with OSH in “Talk to Me”

“I know it’s more just about what you need, and less about all of the things you see, and right now you gon’ need some company…” – “Talk to Me” South London artist and song writer AV Allure, who has written tracks for rappers like Tinie Tempah, Deno, Loick Essien and Swarmz, has made his official debut into the music scene with “Talk to Me” alongside singer OSH. OSH is known and loved for his highly successful cover of Burna […]

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Madison Beer

Madison Beer Breakup Anthem “Good in Goodbye”

“You put the “over” in lover, put the “ex” in next. Ain’t no “I” in trouble, just the “U” since we met…” – quote from “Good in Goodbye” Talented UK singer Madison Beer releases a self-reflective track she entitles “Good in Goodbye”. The formerly independent artist who has now been signed under Epic Records is making her debut and introducing her full length album which is set to be released sometime this year. “Good in Goodbye” is a track that […]

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S1 Releases Visual for New Song “Pirate Swing”

“Hold up, wait, let me talk a lil’ spicy, cause I know that the goldens like me, walk pass me and they mans wanna fight me…” – quote from “Pirate Swing” Fast rising West London artist S1 has created quite a wide buzz and sensation with his just released track and video titled “Pirate Swing”. The track boasts of insane flows and hard-hitting lines as S1 shows his strength, creativity and unique sound that makes the track an absolute banger. […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Tells a Tale of the Nightlife in “Backseat Driving”

“You should stay at home if you ain’t trynna spend nothing, splash out we go, stacks be flying, heading home again, backseat driving…” – quote from “Backseat Driving” Talented South London artist Benjamin A.D is out of the studio with a track that showcases the night life, transit and fun times that all happen in the back of a car. “Backseat Driving” paints a picture of the journey we undertake at different times as well as the beauty in the […]

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Zernell Fontaine

Zernell Fontaine Teams Up with RV in “Come Over”

“Come over, anytime you lonely you can come over. I love it when you need me, baby come closer. I’ll give you what you need like a ni***  ’pose to…” – quote from “Come Over” Talented British R&B singer Zernell Fontaine is back with a banging new video “Come Over” and collaborates with North London Rapper RV. Zernell gives the R&B smoothness a new flavor as he goes all sweet with his baby as he appreciates her and vows to […]

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