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S1 Lets It All Out In “Real Pain”

“I used to struggle for tenners now I’m burning through these notes, I still go through my moments i can’t lie my heart still cold, I tried to deal with my issues but I nearly overdosed…” – quote from “Real Pain” Rapidly rising South London artist, S1, releases another track titled “Real Pain” from his highly anticipated project this year. “Real Pain” comes from his 11 track tape “Split Personality”, which features prominent artists such as Chucks, Skengdo, Peter Xan, […]

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Poundz Returns with New Single “Tik Tok”

“She like the way man move, the way man lean, the way man rock, I like the way gyal wine, the way gyal tick, the way gyal tock…” – quote from “Tik Tok” South London superstar Poundz is back at it again with new single “Tik Tok”. In this one, he teamed up with Honeywood6 and Elevated on the production. The track is destined to become another viral hit to add to his hit collection. In “Tik Tok”, Poundz glides […]

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Tweeko Releases Debut Song “My Love”

“She wants my love, I love my cars and trucks, drop top, tryna get it in the mud, tryna fu** on the Persian rugs…” – quote from “My Love” Lewisham-born music artist, Tweeko, has just released another hit track which he titled “My Love”. Tweeko drops this track as a follow up to his previous release “The Start”, and it is a complete packaging of his musical ability and his unrelenting desire to distinctively represent the UK music industry. “My […]

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Dan Diggas

Dan Diggas “No Drama” ft J Warner & Marie Dahlstrom

“You ain’t got time, I know you wanna be mine, said you wanna be solo, we can be lowkey, no brand, no logo…” – quote from “No Drama” London-based producer/artist Dan Diggas recently releasing his debut single “No Drama” featuring fellow Londoner J Warner and Danish artist/producer Marie Dahlstrom. “No Drama” is laced with a drill-inspired beat with R&B songwriting flourishes. A fusion of two different genres, vocalists J Warner and Marie deliver incredible performances deservedly securing its R&B stamp, […]

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S1 Unveils Drill Track Titled “Demon”

“Everybody wanna talk about kings of drill, but nobody’s flowing like this. I’m a veteran and I’m better than any motherfu*** that you want to put in front of the kid. And everybody wanna scream out demon, but ain’t nobody rising shi*…” – quote from “Demon” West London artist S1 unveils a track called “Demon” from his debut mixtape titled “Split Personality”. “Split Personality” was one of the most highly anticipated UK projects of the year. The 11 track tape […]

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Fastlane Wez

Fastlane Wez Drops Inspiring Song “RETAIL THERAPY”

“Send me your detail, we can fly, hit a little retail, spend the night, so don’t be shy…” – quote from “RETAIL THERAPY” “RETAIL THERAPY” is a song that focuses on how the artist, Fastlane Wez perpetuates his own healing by caring for his woman. The joy of seeing the woman he loves spending his money on her desires gives him a good feeling that goes a long way for him. He gets to feel great by “retail therapy”, meaning […]

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Madison Beer

Madison Beer Releases Music Video for “Baby”

“I can see my body on your lips, on your lips, yeah, you know once you get a taste for it, you will need it, you would pay for it, go and empty out the bank for this…” – quote from “Baby” UK songstress Madison Beer just released a music video for “Baby”. With the drop of the single comes a dreamy video that finds Madison plucked from a picturesque scene and dropped into the dark reality of life. “Baby” […]

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Benjamin A.D

Benjamin A.D Releases Mellow Hit “Oxytocin”

“Where do you run when you know you can’t hide, distance love, trying to keep me outside…” – quote from “Oxytocin” South London artist Benjamin A.D is back with his first hit this year produced by WAVSDNTDIE called “Oxytocin”. In the song he delivers a smooth melodic flow that will relax your mind and get you in a calm mood. The video, which was directed by Ray Fiasco and produced by Yomi Ogunsola, takes place in a home and shows […]

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Max Valentine

Max Valentine Releases Romantic Track “Let Me”

“Aiming for your mental, lights out. You went from a maybe to main squeeze…” – quote from “Let Me” North London artist and songwriter Max Valentine just released a sensual R&B song called “Let Me”, which is about pure love that he wants to give to a significant other. The song shows a side of Max’s versatile skills, as his previous work consisted of rap. “Let Me” was one one of many tracks that was recorded in Los Angeles over […]

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Elisa Imperilee

Elisa Imperilee Releases Single “Sinking”

“Power to the people, Justice for the past, One time for the present…while we’ve got the chance, Cause we’re all connected and the future’s in our hands…” – quote from “Sinking” Elisa Imperilee, a London artist, recently released a single, “Sinking”. The track is soothing with a smooth beat, the lyrics, and Elisa’s unique voice. She rides and dominates the beat with her flow and runs the entire song. The cover art for the single is interesting, as it shows […]

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