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Vershon Releases New Single “Reality” ft Chip

“Yuh body still look good inna real life, shake it like ah rattlesnake, rattlesnake, boring gyal dem anuh my type. gyal yuh body hot like fire, look exactly di same like di picture pon yuh timeline…” – quote from “Reality” The song, “Reality” is a breezy dancehall hit that flows so well, you won’t want it to ever stop listening to it. With the lyrics focusing on the wonders of the female body, this song fits in your collection of […]

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GENIUS “Back To The Future” ft True Story Gee & Miguel Fresco

“I hope that this shi* that we kicking don’t end, I hope that this money we flipping don’t end, I’m dropping the top off the lot, just get in…” – quote from “Back To The Future” Successful Atlanta music artist, GENIUS, has just dropped a dope visual for his track titled “Back To The Future”. The song is particularly dedicated to the year 2020 and all that it has brought upon the inhabitants of the world. In this song, GENIUS, […]

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Fyah Roiall

Fyah Roiall Gets You Moving with “Soda”

“Fyah hotter than the solar, kill enemies wid dah sound yah, take shots at me and it’s over, shake up di place like a soda!…” – quote from “Soda” It’s time to get your grooves on! Fyah Roiall’s song, “Soda” isn’t going to let you stand still with the hard beats and smooth lines. The song is all about transferring positive vibes to all of Roiall’s fans. It describes the thrill and happiness that folks feel when they hang out […]

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Wavy Jones

Wavy Jones “Ketch Di Pree” ft. Blvk H3ro, Jeeby Lyricist & Kione Zaire

“Tell me how it feel when you smile your heart open, speak your truth…” – quote from “Ketch Di Pree” You’ll never miss Wavy Jones’ touch of Jamaican signature in any one of his songs. Wavy Jones is a Jamaican producer whose musical performances have been quite exquisite through the years. He also fuse dancehall, Reggae and R&B. Blending contemporary hip hop with dancehall is Wavy’s way of speaking the music language to his audience. https://youtu.be/-44B-A6UqvI In his latest release […]

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Stalk Ashley

Stalk Ashley & New Song “Deserted” Featuring Western

“I’m feeling deserted, deserted, you seep through my surface, you’re perfectly imperfect…” – quote from “Deserted” Jamaican singer Stalk Ashley stepped into limelight last summer when Stormzy had her feature in Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” cover for Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1. Shortly afterward, the young artist released her debut single “Young”. The release was a major shocker in 2019. The song trended famously on various platforms, received countless streaming, and got endorsements by BBC Radio 1, Capital Xtra, […]

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Wiggy Releases New Single “You Got Me”

“Skin real smooth like lavender, you got me…” – quote from “You Got Me” Wiggy is a Jamaican native artist with permanent residence in London. He has been very careful to improve on his musical skills overtime, and is known for his super ability to blend his Jamaican features with those he acquired from London in a very unique manner. His jovial perception of life, which is something you can’t miss in his releases, is an unmistakable pointer to the […]

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