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HoodTrophy Bino Links with Mozzy on “Another Day”

HoodTrophy Bino

Menu Music GRID Gurl About RSS Feed INSTAGRAM share HoodTrophy Bino delivers another compelling piece, “Another Day,” featuring Mozzy’s gritty stylings. This track, the latest to tease from Bino’s much-anticipated album, melds intense beats with chilling string accents, creating a soundtrack for the streets that’s both fierce and introspective. Mozzy kicks off the track with […]

HoodTrophy Bino Turns Up the Heat with “Shake Sum Lil Bitch”

HoodTrophy Bino

Music About RSS Feed INSTAGRAM share Share on twitter Share on facebook Prepare to ignite the dance floor as Los Angeles rapper HoodTrophy Bino drops his latest banger, “Shake Sum Lil Bitch.” Bino’s distinctive flow over captivating piano riffs and cutting-edge beats will keep the club moving. “Shake Sum Lil Bitch” showcases Bino’s unstoppable energy […]

HoodTrophy Bino Exudes Extravagant Energy in “What I Got On”

HoodTrophy Bino

Music GRID Gurl About INSTAGRAM share Share on twitter Share on facebook Los Angeles-based rapper HoodTrophy Bino has recently released his latest single, “What I Got On.” The track exudes the extravagant, lush energy that is a part of Bino’s post-fame reality. The song contains brooding notes of piano layered beneath an industrial beat and […]