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King Smuve

King Smuve Releases “Clean as a Whistle”

“Think you keeping up with me, boy you got it wrong…” – quote from “Clean as a Whistle” King Smuve has just dropped a hit single he titled “Clean as a Whistle”. The song was produced in Atlanta and has been constantly receiving endorsement from artists and fans alike. Smuve released this single at the very peak of the catastrophic happenings around the world. Hence, the song is perceived as fans to be a go-to sound for comfort and solace. […]

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Ann G

Ann G Goes All Natural in “Make Me Miss You”

“I know you gotta go and I hate it in my soul, but I love it when you do what, love it when you do what, do what make me miss you…” – quote from “Make Me Miss You” Ann G has dropped another bombshell in form of a soulful single from her upcoming album. From all indications, every single sound in the song was produced from the artist’s mouth, and her performance speaks highly of her majestic return to […]

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Lavish Kiddo

Lavish Kiddo Drops Latest Song “Dope Boy”

“Got a glizzy for the opps, when I’m done need a mop, going straight to the top…” – quote from “Dope Boy” Lavish Kiddo just dropped a new track titled “Dope Boy”.The song is a sheer description of what life really entails for young up and coming emcees like himself. His flawless flow with the beat and lyrics makes it an outstanding release. Lavish Kiddo is an Atlanta based rapper. He began gathering his fanbase right from his high school […]

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Lil Drip 223

Lil Drip 223 “Keep Calling” ft Jaybo & ProjectbabyMeechie

“We posted in the apartments, we gone leave ‘em bleeding, why they calling?” – quote from “Keep Calling” Music is no fun if it doesn’t work up some positive vibes in you. But there’s no need to panic when we’ve got music artists like Lil Drip 223 to help with all vibes and energy. Lil Drip 223 is an up and coming songwriter and emcee. He kick-started his music career shortly after his time at the Albany State University. Although […]

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Cap Finesse

Cap Finesse Releases New Track “Need Sum More”

“Baby girl don’t nobody even need to know, we can kick back, we can keep it on the low, I got some drank if you need you sum mo’…” – quote from “Need Sum More” Southside Atlanta, GA artist Cap Finesse releases a new energetic song called “Need Sum More”. Over a relaxing instrumental laced with a Spanish guitar and heavy bass line, Cap delivers fast, catchy lyrical flows as he talks about what he’s got and need more of […]

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Kash Kash

Kash Kash Drops Debut Single “Throat Baby”

“Sexy lil’ redbone ya, got a good head on her…” – quote from “Throat Baby” Fast Rising Atlanta, GA rap artist Kash Kash released his explicit debut single “Throat Baby”. The song is making waves, as it has over 1 million views on YouTube and Apple Music. https://youtu.be/trJHXQlSrvc In the song, Kash Kash captures his audience as he delivers fast flowing raunchy lyrics that describes a lady that he desires and all the things that he’d like to do to […]

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Osei and Armani

Osei and Armani Drops “MOONWALKER”

“I don’t need a different b***, I’m straight, me and my shorty gone get to the cake. Ain’t no changing the weather, I’m racing with fate…” – quote from “MOONWALKER” Atlanta natives Osei and Armani just released their latest banger and visual “MOONWALKER”. The video takes place at a gas station where a guy offers Osei some blue juice called “MOONWALKER”. When he drinks it, he wakes up in a blue room and a party where he wears a glitter […]

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Bloody Jay

Bloody Jay Pays Respect in “RIP Juice”

“Damn, I swear this shi* gotta stop, but I gotta keep a glock just in case he wants my watch…” – quote from “RIP Juice” Atlanta artist Bloody Jay drops new laid back song “RIP Juice”, which is the last track from his latest EP “Secrets”. In “RIP Juice” Bloody Jay pays great respect and honor to the memory of Juice Wrld and all the fallen rappers. On the dreamy beat he mentions Tupac, Mac Miller, Biggie, and a few […]

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Aspen Martin

Aspen Martin Releases New Song “Can’t Relate”

“I been acting different ever since you seen me last fall. Nowadays I’m with model women every time that you call. You was suppose to stay down, you was the one that I crown…” – quote from “Can’t Relate” After a two year hiatus, up and coming Savannah, GA artist and songwriter Aspen Martin releases new song “Can’t Relate”. Although Aspen took a break from the scene, he kept recording music that accumulated six songs that makes up his “Everything […]

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Lil Savvy

Lil Savvy Overcomes Tough Battles

Article by: Quality Impact PR/Writers Lil Savvy real name is Kalen Hawkins. He is a Gospel hip hop Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He started creating hip hop content recently in 2020, when he gave his life back to Christ. Lil Savvy Has a very spiritual background and plans on pushing his career to inspire people that were lost just like him. He had a lot of adversity in his life just like a lot of people do. He was diagnosed […]

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