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FCG Heem

FCG Heem Drops New Single “Peace and Positivity”

“My mama knowing I’m paid, she can finally get some rest now…” – quote from “Peace and Positivity” Fast-rising Florida artist FCG Heem has kicked off the new year by releasing a new single he calls “Peace and Positivity.” On this track, which comes closely after the release of his 2020 single, “Haha.” FCG Heem talks about his life and the way people hate and envy his success without knowing what he has been through. With a hardcore piano-laden beat […]

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FCG Heem

FCG Heem Releases “Haha”, from Debut Project

“I say Haha, they thought we was gon’ be broke forever, I made a promise to my brother, we gon’ be rich together…” – quote from “Haha” “Haha” is a song that celebrates the change in status for FCG Heem. The track proceeds with lively beats garnished with bristling 808s and airy guitar. Cool rhymes make the song enjoyable to bob your head to. It’s both an announcement and a shade to the haters who thought he wouldn’t make it. […]

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Jimmy Levy and Rick Ross

Jimmy Levy Features Rick Ross in “Red Horns”

“Whether you go or you stay, I’m gonna make it either way, push me right off the highest mountain, hate above, try to keep from drowning…” – quote from “Red Horns” The Miami native and multi-platinum recording artist Jimmy Levy’s Album “Arching World” is a spiritual masterpiece the world cannot get enough of! This unmatched work of art includes the most anticipated song on Tiktok “Red Horns” featuring Rick Ross and his most famous single “Shadow”, which already surpassed 10 […]

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Cris Streetz

Cris Streetz Releases “Hold Me Down”

“So if you hold me down, I’ll make sure that you up, my feet touch the ground and I came to fu*k it up…” – quote from “Hold Me Down” Cris Streetz praises his babe in “Hold Me Down”. He amplifies all the good qualities of the woman who has captured his heart. Passionately, he swerves between eulogizing her sweetness and telling her to keep treating him right. The punchline implied, “If you hold me down, I’ll hold you up”. […]

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Dyamond Doll

Dyamond Doll Releases Video for “Sugar Daddy” ft Jackboy

“He my Sugar Daddy, not my pimp, gotta know the differences, fu**ing wit a bad lil bi***, if he say no I have a fit…” – quote from “Sugar Daddy” Miami City sexy diva Dyamond Doll has released the video for her steamy new single Sugar Daddy featuring Pompano Beach finest fast-rising rapper Jackboy. This track, which comes shortly after the release of the track “DWade”, where she featured Trina, serves to solidify Dyamond Doll’s place in the Miami music […]

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Smoke Drops New Track “You Gotta Choose”

“You gotta choose, wanna fu*k around and miss out on all of your blessings…” – “You Gotta Choose” “You Gotta Choose” is a follow up from Smoke’s debut solo album. The track showcases his skills as a fierce lyricist and explores the physics of a young man who finds himself balancing the streets and his calling as an activist and role model in the community. The song has a strong groove and melodic bounce that audiences will love. VEVO is […]

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IHateJulian “I Aint Impressed” Remix ft Starling & Lee Cavalli

“I ain’t Impressed, I get a check, put it right on my neck…” – quote from “I Aint Impressed” South Florida rap artist IHateJulian forms a team of three, including Starling, and Lee Cavalli, to deliver a track titled “I Aint Impressed” with seductive lyrics. Laid up with flirty talk and a music video that’s more or less as intense as the tunes, this light music will take you down the lane of fantasy. The video begins with a rather […]

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Ras Mensah

Ras Mensah Releases Follow Up Single “Mad At Me”

“Money talk, I’m the bread winner, I’m the big dog, but Imma young n***, pull them plates off like we serving dinner…” – quote from “Mad At Me” Miami, Florida recording artist and producer Ras Mensah just dropped a follow up single “Mad At Me” after the release of his album “King Mensah”. In “Mad At Me”, Ras Mensah spits fire bars on top of a drill beat as he talks about his come up and success while others stand […]

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Nario Da Don

Nario Da Don Expresses Deep Emotions in “Tell Me the Reason”

“Tell me the reason, why I think bout it sometimes, when I be dreamin ni**** rat like bi**hes now’days, way they be leachin…” – quote from “Tell Me the Reason” Nario Da Don is at it again! He has just released a breathtaking new song he titled “Tell Me the Reason”. The Florida artist took to the lyrics and melody of the song to pour out his sincere thoughts towards the happenings around him. “Tell Me the Reason” features on […]

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Dyamond Doll and Tory Lanez

Dyamond Doll features Tory Lanez in “Automatic”

“You were my dog, you were my girl, you were my main bi*ch. This shi* is crazy lil’ baby, how did it change this quick…” – quote from “Automatic” The song, ‘“Automatic” is a soul-cutting track that describes the abrupt end to a thriving love relationship. It described the typical scenario where all is well and good, everything’s falling in place like it’s automatic, until just in like manner, everything falls out of place. The beginning is a combination of […]

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