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Nario Da Don

Nario Da Don Releases Single “Wait For It”

“It’s kinda crazy they rather hate you than be supportive. Mo’ bi*ches, tell me I’m thirsty, they say I need some water. They look inside our mouth and instantly see we from Florida…” – quote from “Wait For It” Nario Da Don is a Tallahassee, Florida artist whose songs are his medium of communicating with his audience. Nario Da Don is a man of his flows and knows how best to dish rap with soulful vocals and vibrant beats. https://youtu.be/Ia2RcUjwldk […]

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City the Mask

City the Mask Drops Single “Blap!”

“Surprise, muthafu*** I’m poppin’, but take this hollow tip first!” – quote from “Blap!” The streets, they say, always have the best talents. This is very true for upcoming Florida artist City the Mask, who grew up struggling his way through life. You’d wonder why the talented face is always hidden behind a black mask right? Well he says the mask keeps the memory of his struggles as a youth, right before he found hope in music. He also adds […]

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City the Mask

City the Mask Releases “Cartier Harden”

“Hit a lick, let the guns speak in tongues. Shooter hot boy, I’m Nick Cannon with the drums…” – quote from “Cartier Harden” Fast growing Florida artist City the Mask showcases his lyrical and creative talent again in his track and visuals “Cartier Harden”. The lyricist, rapper and director has put together an upbeat music video in which he showcases not only his lyrical ability, but his smooth and energetic delivery. “Cartier Harden” is a total package of top notch […]

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F$O Dinero

F$O Dinero Releases Album & Visuals For “Panty Droppa”

“I’m a young ni*** that jumped in the game, but do everything like a vet. I make ya bi*** give me neck, you make me upset, I’ll aim at ya head…” – quote from “Panty Droppa” F$O Dinero has released his highly expected and anticipated debut album “Color Money” alongside visuals for his “Panty Droppa” track. The young talented Florida based Slip N Slide Records artist is literally on fire and we cannot help but get caught up in his […]

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Tonii Boii

Tonii Boii Puts Together an Ode for his Hometown in “Sweet Home West Orlando”

“The food don’t cook in the kitchen, just a bunch a doe boys water whipping…” – quote from “Sweet Home West Orlando” West Orlando rapper, Tonii Boii is back with a new classic themed single he names after his hometown. The artist centers the track on the territories of West Orlando as he rides through the town singing about the things he loves about the city. Tonii takes the appearance of an outlaw as he takes over the town and […]

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Dee Watkins

Dee Watkins Releases “Rugrats”

“I still be in the hood, where the fiends at? I don’t care if it’s a dolla, b*** I need that. F** yo comments, we don’t care about your feedback…” – quote from “Rugrats” Dee Watkins is a shining hip hop artist in the state of Florida. His latest release “Rugrats”, which debuted alongside its video, is yet another unreserved expression of his unique musical talent drowned in high-octane beats. In the song, Dee raps on the escapades encountered while […]

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Big Nik

Big Nik Makes Energetic Delivery in “Trapstar”

“Imma blast off in a Jaguar, all these blue hundreds yeah I’m feeling like a Trapstar. Like a Trapstar, like a Trapstar, rolling out these carpets man I’m feeling like a Trapstar…” – quote from “Trapstar”https://youtu.be/z2LlLpNDBxI Social media star, musician and rapper Big Nik is out with another upbeat feel good song and he calls this one “Trapstar”. The Boca Raton, Florida artist has churned out this energy filled track that is not only fast paced and happy, but also […]

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PRXJEK Shares Conflicting Emotions In His Latest Release “I Like Being Alone”

“I’m so lost, nothing feels the same anymore. Followed by these dark clouds, can’t escape the storm. I don’t wanna go out, so find someone else to go. I don’t like crowds, I would rather be alone…” STREAM: https://open.spotify.com/album/23EDwUl8gY8cEyutqC5Mvz Laotian American rap/alternative artist PRXJEK is out with a new track “I Like Being Alone”. The mysterious rapper who is known and loved for his mystique as well as his music has gone emotional on his fans once again with “I […]

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Talii Preaches Body Positivity and Confidence in New Song “Thickness”

“I hit you with the thickness; I’ve been working on my fitness yeah, so hurry home with the quickness. You know I’m giving you a feel. I know you like it cos it’s real…” – quote from “Thickness” Photo Credit: Graham Oakley STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/taliimusic/thickness/s-Y1klV Talii takes on an approach of positivity and acceptance to one of the most discussed and labored societal topics; body and beauty. In her latest song “Thickness”, the artist celebrates body positivity, acceptance and confidence in […]

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SVRITE Releases Debut Single “Finesse”

“They gon bring me down until I rot, until I’m breathless. My fam gon hold it down so I always stay connected. I always stay around to get dat cake I gotta flex it. And imma gun ‘em down and imma shoot below the neck, b***…” – quote from “Finesse” STREAM: https://stem.ffm.to/finesse Puerto Rican-American rapper and music producer SVRITE is about to be your favorite artist if he isn’t already as he drops his latest track “Finesse” and he does […]

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